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Notícias do dia 23/04/2015

* End the ECB Dictatorship!
* Germany’s brinkmanship over Greek economic woes could prove damaging
* “O meu conselho para a Grécia seria que entrasse em incumprimento”
* This tiny European state may trigger a Grexit
* Why Greece May Be the New Lehman
* Europe’s debt mountain just got bigger
* UK budget shame: Britain has the third highest deficit in Europe and the Government is borrowing more than Greece
* France declared “lost in stagnation” by economists
* Taxa de desemprego em Espanha sube para 23% em Espanha
* Why there’s little hope for Greece’s unemployed
* Grécia. Há mais um milhão de pobres desde o resgate de 2010
* Opinion: Europe Should Protect People, Not Borders
* End deaths on the sea by ending the wars around it
* Fugindo de fomes e guerras para uma sepultura no mar
* “Não vamos à procura de uma vida melhor. Vamos à procura de vida. Atrás de nós só há morte”
* Líderes da UE querem repatriar quase todos os imigrantes clandestinos

* Deutsche Bank condenado a pagar coima recorde de 2,5 mil milhões de dólares e a demitir sete gestores
* “Trader” responsável pelo “flash crash” de 2010 preso em Londres
* Firmas de câmbio suspeitas de lavagem de dinheiro do tráfico de droga
* Clientes avançam com novas acções contra BES, Ricardo Salgado e Novo Banco
* CaixaBank duplica lucros no primeiro trimestre, para 375 milhões de euros

* Dívida pública aumenta 2,7 mil milhões em Fevereiro
* Risco de pobreza. Portugal é líder na Europa
* Remuneração do ‘board’ do BCP cai 5,7% mas supera os 2,6 milhões em 2014
* Presidente da EDP vai continuar a ganhar 1.644 euros por dia (no mínimo)
* Abono de família usado para impedir acesso à tarifa social de energia
* Secretas omitem crimes ao Ministério Público
* Juízes ganham poder para decidir perdão a corruptos arrependidos
* Lena, a construtora do regime socrático

* Europe’s Top Asset Manager Warns of Possible Stock Market Crash
* Atlantic City Managers In Talks to Hire Restructuring Lawyers
* Chicago Schools Haunted by Bankruptcy Chatter Ahead of Bond Sale
* China and the Asian tigers are going to hit a massive economic roadblock next year — and there’s no solution
* China Has a Massive Debt Problem
* China Suffers First Default by State-Owned Company
* China’s Urbanization Underestimated: China Adds 9 Megacities According To New Report
* Government could shut down within three months, Puerto Rico bank warns
* Low wages, trade deals luring auto plants and jobs to Mexico
* In New York, 88,000 people have applied for 55 affordable apartments in a single building
* ‘Over one million Britons use food banks’
* The sickening truth about food banks that the Tories don’t want you to know
* Corrida por crescimento econômico cria sem-tetos e desempregados em Mianmar
* New York Apartments, Art Top Gold as Stores of Wealth, Says Fink

* After Getting Called Out, Elizabeth Warren Accuses Obama Of Deliberately Hiding Trade Details
* US firms ‘fail’ in conflict mineral disclosures – report
* Google lobbying spending reached new high in early 2015
* China’s Top Financial Fugitives Flee Abroad: New Report Lists ‘Operation Fox Hunt’ Targets
* Balanço escancara maior buraco na história da Petrobras

* The Fed Still Wants Easy Money
* Lenders Awash With Euros Pay Banks and Governments to Take Loans
* Hungary Central Bank Flags More Easing as Rate Cut to Record
* Fink Says Central Bankers ‘Destroying’ Insurers With Low Rates

* Extraordinary Double Standard: West Silent Over Murders of Kiev’s Opponents
* Ron Paul Slams Political Terror in Ukraine
* Italian Paper Breaks Silence Over Assassinations in Kiev
* Kiev’s Attempts to Establish Nationality of OSCE Monitors Must Be Stopped
* UK activists protest ‘shocking’ detention centres
* FBI admits flaws in hair analysis over decades
* CIA-Backed Company May Be Reading Your Facebook Chats
* Wireless routers could spy on your breathing and heartbeat
* How the movies are preparing us for our new robot overlords
* India suspends Al-Jazeera broadcasts for 5 days over maps
* Venezuela’s Maduro accuses Spain of plotting coup
* The secret country again wages war on its own people
* Catorze meses de prisão por atirar tinta contra retrato de Mao em Pequim

* Cientistas chineses modificam geneticamente embriões humanos em experimento inédito
* EU on verge of approving 19 GMOs
* Environmentalists Warn That Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Could Be a Mirage
* Bad Buzz: Studies Say Neonic Pesticides Hurt Wild Bees
* US troops captive of military medical system: Report
* O Agente Laranja continua a fazer guerra
* Brain-Damaged UK Victims of Swine Flu Vaccine to Get £60 Million Compensation
* Does Being Too Clean Cause Allergies?
* ‘We could DOUBLE Co2 emissions and still NOT reach critical global warming limit’
* Where your computer goes to die: Shocking pictures of the toxic ‘electronic graveyards’ in Africa where the West dumps its old PCs, laptops, microwaves, fridges and phones
* Governments are HIDING aliens, claims former defence minister: Paul Hellyer urges world leaders to reveal ‘secret files’

* Falha técnica provoca vazamento radioativo em Fukushima
* Expected surge in workers hitting radiation limit leaves No. 1 plant’s decommissioning in jeopardy
* Tepco to Abandon Second Robot Inside Fukushima Reactor
* On Animal Deaths and Human Anxieties
* Radioatividade de drone que aterrou na residência do PM japonês pode ter origem em Fukushima

* Canada Crude Output Growth Seen Falling 59% After Price Drop
* Half of U.S. Fracking Companies Will Be Dead or Sold This Year
* BP sees ‘massive’ shock for North Sea as oil glut deepens
* Planned switch-off of Cambridge streetlights risks putting city ‘back in the dark ages’
* Record Numbers Of Drivers Trading In Electric Cars For SUVs
* Hinkley Point’s replacement reactors face ‘unsafe’ ruling
* Russia to Supply Argentina with Nuclear Fuel
* California drought spurs protest over ‘unconscionable’ bottled water business

* US propaganda campaign against Russia could lead to nuclear catastrophe: Scholar
* S-400 missile defense strength doubled in Russia’s far east
* U.S. dispatches elite troops to train Ukrainians
* Militia claim spotting up to 70 mercenaries of US military company Academi in east Ukraine
* US Trainers Snapped Teaching Ukraine Army to Fire Russian Grenade Launchers
* Putin warns Israel: Don’t send deadly weapons to Ukraine
* Number of Ukraine IDPs tops 1.2 million: UN
* US to Provide Additional $17.7 Mln in Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
* US making business out of Mideast wars: Analyst
* U.S.: Warships near Yemen create ‘options’ for dealing with Iranian vessels
* Swedes Slam Saudi Invasion of Yemen
* Coalizao arabe volta a atacar houthis apos declarar fim de ofensiva
* Yemen Heading for Humanitarian Catastrophe of Devastating Proportions
* Saudi Prince faces backlash for ‘promising Bentleys to fighter pilots bombing Yemen’
* US war on Iran will ignite big conflagration in entire Islamic world: James Petras
* Sony CEO on Middle East: Let Them All Kill Each Other (Except Israel)

* US Military Spending Still Up 45% Over Pre-9/11 Levels; More Than Next 7 Countries Combined
* How arms imports are destabilising the Middle East
* The $18bn arms race that could cost the Middle East dear
* Has Washington ‘Lost It’ Toward China? Clearly and Ominously, Yes
* Coreia do Norte tem mais armas nucleares do que se pensava, avisa Pequim
* China defends vessels’ actions against Philippines in South China Sea
* A War Waged From German Soil: US Ramstein Base Key in Drone Attacks
* Britain Plans to Open First Persian Gulf Naval Base by Late 2016
* Indian Navy Launches First Missile Destroyer of Own Design
* Turkey Breaks From West on Defense


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