Notícias do Dia 09-10/06/2012

* Spain bailout terms ‘to be agreed within a week’
(A urgência reflecte o crescente consenso que o colapso de Espanha poderá dar início a uma reacção em cadeia que poderá derrubar Itália e destruir o euro)
* Ireland will demand debt deal if Spain can secure agreement Hmmm
* Bank boss: Cyprus will need bailout following exposure to Greek debt
* ‘Greece Is Beyond Repair’: Harvard Professor (Se fosse só a Grécia estávamos nós bem…)
* Greek debt crisis: chronic drug shortage risking lives of the sick (É mais importante salvar casinos do quevidas. É esta a mensagem dada por este capitalismo desenfreado patrocinado pela casinada!)
* In Greece’s Second-Largest City, Austerity Battle Means a Lot of Garbage
([…] simbolizam o podre e o desperdício nos gastos públicos, e os interesses entrincheirados que não deixam que estes problemas sejam resolvidos.)
* Playing Until the Germans Lose Their Nerve
* German firms urge rejection of stability mechanism Hmmm
* Merkel calls for two-speed EU with an increase in fiscal and political union (O plano há muito gizado… a ganhar a forma do sonho há muito sonhado…)

* Debt crisis: EC plot to use competition rules to close down eurozone banks (Boa! É pena que isso já possa vir tarde demais. É pena que as leis de mercado livre tenham sido totalmente pervertidas para se continuar a alimentar o vicio de muitos poucos. Agora até os que estariam sãos se arriscam a ir na onda de encerramentos… é o vírus de uma EUSSR que é [quase] totalmente contrária a um mercado livre!)
(A Comissão Europeia está a ameaçar utilizar as leis de competição da UE para encerrar os bancos gregos, espanhóis e portugueses que estão falidos e que conduziram a Zona Euros para uma nova crise, […])
* Spain’s savings banks’ culture of greed, cronyism and political meddling (Se fosse só em Espanha, estávamos nós bem…)
(«Se realmente soubéssemos a verdade sobre o Bankia e as outras cajas, os dois grandes partidos – O PP e os socialistas – irão explodir.»)
* Capital Flight Leaves German Banks Awash in Cheap Deposits

* The 20 countries with the highest probability of default
* Wilbur Ross: US Economy Dangling on Verge of Recession
* Paul Ryan: US on Verge of ‘Debt Crisis Like Europe’
* Why ‘Fiscal Cliff’ May Be Bigger Threat Than Europe (Tic, tac, tic, tac…)
* Bernanke warning: Taxmaggedon is real
* As Japan Stops Saving, a Crisis Looms (Tic, tac, tic, tac…)
* Japan Current Account Surplus Down 21.2 Pct in April
* Malaysia Exports Contracted in April
* Pakistan heading towards economic collapse: experts
* Argentina loses a third of its dollar deposits
* Pensioner couples £4,000 a year worse off in three years (Inglaterra)
* In the shadow of Euro 2012, Ukraine’s street children struggle to stay alive
* Homeless in Kharkiv, Ukraine – in pictures
* Economic future bleak for 100m Arab youths
* Africa’s Economy Grows, but Many Stomachs Are Empty
* Eurasian Union will be next step (Nada se aprende neste mundo…)

* US Banks Face $60 Billion Capital Shortfall (Andam a nadar em liquidez e não têm dinheiro?!?!?) ?!?!?
* Banks still gouging customers with confusing overdraft rules (Piranhas…)
* Italy money laundering reports skyrocket: central bank
* Whom does the Spanish press try to cover up?

* Steepest Global Slide Since Recession Pushes Rate Cuts
* ‘Significant’ rise in electric bills seen (EUA)
* Egypt will slash fuel subsidies by 27 pct: State budget
* Uganda: Power Bills Escalate as Electricity is Wasted
* TEPCO hike plan criticized by customers

* SOPA, Canada style?
* Putin signs anti-protest law
* Law on illegal rallies similar to Europe’s – presidential spokesman Hmmm
* U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show Hmmm
* Manning case reveals panic at State Department over WikiLeaks
* App records, reports controversial police ‘stop and frisk’ practice (Boa!)

* International trade ‘driving nature loss’
(Quase um terço das ameaças às espécies animais no mundo advém do comércio para suprir a demanda dos países mais ricos, […])
* EU plans to increase fishing quota
* Chemical firm accused of Gladstone cyanide discharges (Austrália)
* U.S. blueberries exceed pesticide level
(entre 29 a 32 vezes)
* City children far more likely to have food allergies than those living in the country
* More than 10,000 carp found dead in Blue Springs Lake (EUA)
* ‘Genetic experiment’ terrifies Chinese city as residents fear mysterious animal is escapee from nearby research centre ?!?!?
* More Grímsvötn Eruptions Expected in Near Future (Islândia)
* Sellafield swallows contaminated by radioactivity
* US: Impact of tsunami debris unclear
* Wish it away: US government ignores archipelago of Japanese debris heading its way
* Pinhole leak of radioactive coolant found at the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant
* FirstEnergy Says It’s Fixing a Leak at Ohio Nuclear Plant (EUA. Talvez seja conveniente ligar a esta notícia um desmentido de ontem…) – False alarm over high radiation readings in Indiana

* Illustrations from 1970s expose of Fukushima plant on display

* Planned EU Oil Embargo Looks Set To Squeeze Iran (A sério?)
* U.S. soon to grant more waivers to Iran sanctions (Pois…)
* Report warns of drop in oil sands R&D (Mundo em paragem…)
* Half of Britons to face fuel poverty by end of 2012
* Jordanians rally in protest to fuel, electricity price hikes
* Calif. blackouts possible with nuke plant offline
* China to face power shortages this summer
* SK To Hold Nationwide Drills As It Braces For a Possible Blackout (Coreia do Sul)
* Back to the Stone Age (Egipto)
* Analysis – Australia coal miners face squeeze, new mines at risk (Mundo em paragem…)
* Groundwater depletion threatens food supplies

* Iran nuclear talks collapse
* Iran and Iraq: Battle of the ayatollahs
* Russia, China repeat opposition to intervention in Syria
* In northern Syria, rebels now control many towns and villages
* Syria to militants: Lay down arms or face military offensive
* Fierce clashes in Syrian capital Damascus
* Syrian rebels tried to get me killed to show up the regime: Channel 4 news reporter says he was ‘deliberately set up to be shot’ (A propaganda que anda por aí aos molhos!)

* Military operation to displace 600,000 in Pakistan
* Docking of US warship in Philippines more than just a visit
* The US Will Re-Open Massive Philippine Bases Not Occupied Since The Cold War
* Former Pentagon Analyst Says China Can Shut Down All The Telecom Gear It Sold To The US
* Russia successfully tests Topol intercontinental missile
* Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons

* Police officers corner, isolate protesters at Canadian Grand Prix (Mais da Primavera Silenciosa…)
* Nudity and violence: Canadian students strip in protest, clash with police (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
* Bahrain police battle biggest protests in weeks (Uma rara imagem da revolução silenciada no ocidente…)
* 11-year-old boy accused of taking part in anti-government protests to stand trial in Bahrain
* Bahraini police fire tear gas at thousands of pro-Rajab protesers (PHOTOS)
* Miners clash with police over cuts (Espanha)
* Greeks march against far-right party Golden Dawn
* Egypt: Protests in Several Cities in Friday of ‘Insistence’
* Yemenis hold demos denouncing US, Israeli meddling
* Gabonese activists held over protest

Gonzalo Lira on a Eurozone Marriage turned Orgy and a Latin American Divorce! (O erro é sempre o mesmo! A história é sempre a mesma! A História volta sempre ao mesmo ponto partida com o mesmo ponto de chegada!)

Naked Protesters Hit The Streets Of Montreal! Vive La Resistance!!! Looks Like A Fun Weekend!

CrossTalk: Drop Dead Euro


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