Notícias do Dia 12/03/2012

Será? Sem mudanças no paradigma actual uma coisa é certa, nem o “será” poderá alguma vez vir a ser… Uma tradução
Será PARTILHAR (COOPERAR) a chave para uma sociedade avançada?

* Global liquidity peak spells trouble for late 2012
([…] «podemos esperar que o crescimento global atinja o seu pico em Maio. Depois poderá acontecer um declinio acentuado no segundo semestre,» […])
* France’s Sarkozy defies Europe with protectionist push (O futuro novo normal…)
([…] está na altura de apoiar as empresas locais e parar entrada incontrolada de […] importações baratas que demonstram a falta de controlos proteccionistas da Europa.)
* Retail sales growth slows down (China)
* China’s Bo Signals Wealth Gap Breached Unrest Trigger Point
* China Trade Deficit Spurs Concern
* ‘Made in Japan’ stamp to disappear as tsunami sees industry move out
* Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg to Skip Two Debt Payments (EUA)
* Deficits Push N.Y. Cities and Counties to Desperation
* Ghost of Fannie Mae Haunts Canadian Housing as Exposure Worsens: Mortgages
* Nigeria is failed state. What remains is its disintegration—Eleazu
* Ugandans criticise Kony campaign

* Noonan says debt restructuring deal is being negotiated (Irlanda) Hmmm
* German Idea for New EU Constitution Gets Mixed Response Hmmm
([…] apenas nove países planeiam ir a um seminário em Berlim.)
* German Leader and I.M.F. Chief Split Over Debt Hmmm
* Rail privatisation has failed – and the NHS is hurtling down the same track (Inglaterra)
(As únicas pessoas que não veem a necessidade de renacionalizar os caminhos de ferro são as empresas que estão a lucrar e os seus apoiantes no parlamento)
* Greece on the breadline: amid the fury, solidarity

* Nick Goodway: The scale of ramping up risky lending was simply staggering

* MF Global Case Rattles World of Futures
* Freddie Mac seeks $146 million in aid to stay solvent
* In a rare conversation, Griffin explains why the ultrawealthy have ‘insufficient influence’ (De outro planeta…)
* Over 40,000 charged with corruption in China
* Tony Blair expands his African empire into mineral-rich Guinea
* How much profit will a turbine turn?

* India’s Central Bank Cuts Reserve Ratio as Cash Squeeze Threatens Economy
* China Sacrifices Growth to Satiate Inflation Dragon
* Egypt Reports February Inflation Accelerated on Increases in Food Prices
* Don’t count on stocks as an inflation hedge

* What the Frack is in That Water?
* The most toxic pond in Europe: Sellafield will cost £10bn to make safe… but at least Harold Wilson won’t have to pay for it
* In History, Climate Skepticism Begins With Climate Scientists
* Effects of a regional nuclear war on global temperatures

* Azerbaijan Oil Output Fell in February; Natural-Gas Output Grew
* The Arctic Is Heating Up — Politically (As últimas fronteiras…)
* Deal Shows China’s Sway in Rare-Earth Minerals
* Solar power firms in Mojave desert feel glare of tribes and environmentalists
* Nuclear Pushes On Despite Fukushima
* Sudan: China Refused to Fund Agricultural Project for Lack of Oil Collateral – Bashir
* Zimbabwe: Sable Shutdown Threatens Winter Cropping

* Iran’s UN fact sheet: Weapons track not confirmed
* Israel to delay strike on Iran until after US elections? Hmmm
* Iran: Attack will lead to Israel’s collapse
* Hezbollah: U.S. mission in Lebanon running operations against Syria

* Israeli airstrikes kill 18 Palestinians in three days
* ‘As long as it takes’: Netanyahu not done with Gaza campaign
* Israelis build the world’s biggest detention centre
* Investigation launched into claims Afghan Air Force used military aircraft to transport drugs and illegal weapons
* US military unveils non-lethal heat ray weapon

* Police ‘hacked website’ of David Kelly campaign group, claim activists

* Antinuke protests erupt nationwide (Japão)
* Japan earthquake and tsunami anniversary: 45,000 rally against nuclear power
* About 2,000 Taiwanese stage anti-nuclear protest

Japanese Govt Has RE-SET Acceptable Radiation Exposure Level To The Same Level As Radiation Workers

Defense Secretary Says U.N. Runs Pentagon, Not Congress


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