Notícias do Dia 09/01/2012

* Angela Merkel has the whip hand in an orgy of austerity
* David Cameron: I will block EU financial transaction tax Hmmm
* IMF losing confidence in Greece’s ability to reform: report Hmmm
* In firing line for savage cuts — young, old and vulnerable (Irlanda)
* More than 50% of consumers struggling to pay bills on time (Irlanda)
* Retail industry hit hard by bleak trading over Christmas (Inglaterra)
* Pensioners ‘will work into 70s’

* Hungarian Prime Minister Defends Changes to Bank Law
* RBS chief in line to pick up more bonus millions (No outro mundo…)

* Stephen King: Hard times… Prepare yourself for the worst, our debt is here to stay
(Continuamos a viver na esperança […] A esperança não o mesmo de boas políticas. Já vivemos na esperança há demasiado tempo, no entanto as nossas esperanças não estão a ser cumpridas.)
* Protectionism is alive, well and growing fast (O futuro novo normal…)
([…] as medidas de proteccionismo tendem a assumir novas formas cada vez mais subtis, muitas das quais não são apanhadas pelas proibições da Organização Mundial de Comércio.)
* China To Lower Growth Target To 7% Level For ’12
* Break Out the Budgets, Study Reveals US Consumers Increasingly Overleveraged
* Shipping industry to face another stormy year
* India trying to play catch-up with China in Myanmar
* Iraq: A country in shambles

* Wall Street Is Bracing for Dismal 4th Quarter
* Secret justice: How Cameron and Clegg vowed to hand back our liberties but are instead planning illiberal changes to justice system
* Blair Inc’s ‘baffling’ increase in earnings (Os nossos demo-cratas…)
* Charges Against Journalists Dim the Democratic Glow in Turkey
* Amid BCS mania, BP pushes a PR blitz to paint a rosy picture in aftermath of Gulf oil spill

* Iran, Russia Replace Dollar with National Currencies in Trade Exchanges
* ‘Printed money’ and regulatory diktat are keeping UK gilt yields low
* Motorists face record diesel prices (Inglaterra)

* Poor in the US bartering for healthcare
* Oil spill disaster threatens New Zealand as stranded container ship splits in two
* Record air pollution hammers California’s ag heartland
* Collapsing Honey Bee Colonies: Blame The Parasites?
* Radioactive cream used to treat skin cancer

* Tunnel full of radioactively-contaminated water found at Fukushima nuclear plant
* Fukushima governor says accident not yet contained
* 2 towns at risk of disappearing / Okuma, Futaba face uncertain future due to nearby crippled N-plant
* Fukushima exposes contradictions / Nuclear crisis prompts govt to rethink private companies’ operation of N-plants

* Iran stand-off could trigger oil price spike
* Trains suspended again due to diesel shortage (Paquistão)
* Nigeria braces for fuel strike, shortages
* Fidel Castro says world marching into abyss with shale gas
* Green Self-Sufficiency Isn’t Actually Self-Sufficient
* Israel Navy to devote majority of missile boats to secure offshore drilling rafts

* Iran says it will close Strait of Hormuz if crude exports blocked (Rufam os tambores…)
* U.S. will respond if Iran closes Strait of Hormuz: Panetta (Rufam os tambores…)
* Iran attack to terminate in vortex of war
([…] na última década, os EUA têm usado todo o tipo de acusações para convencer o mundo que o Irão é uma ameça internacional.)
* Iran accuses U.S. of staging pirate rescue like a ‘Hollywood drama’ as military drills escalate in the Gulf Hmmm
* Split thrust: Iran beefs up nuclear projects and bolsters alliances
* Iran says nuclear reactor is weeks from operating at full capacity
* Iran enriches uranium at new site
* Israel will boost defense budget by $780 million: Netanyahu
* Syrian dissidents: Bombing was staged Hmmm

* Forewarned is forearmed: Russia to set up new radar in Siberia
* New Libya, new friends: NTC welcomes Sudanese leader wanted for genocide
* Manila protests Chinese ships’ presence in Spratlys
* Afghan Commission Accuses U.S. of Detainee Abuse (Os reis da hipocrisia…)
* Ten years on, Guantanamo still casts long shadow
* Guantanamo ex-prisoner reveals torture
* Military reveals revolutionary pilotless cargo drone that can deliver supplies to territories plagued by roadside bombs
* May the force be with her: Russian woman sneaks into missile factory… and discovered it looks just like a scene from Star Wars
* Hackers expose defence and intelligence officials in US and UK

* US police arrest 8 Occupy protesters

* Nigeria unrest ‘worse than 1960s civil war’
* Chinese Attacks Japan Embassy in Seoul with Firebombs
* How China Stays Stable Despite 500 Protests Every Day
* China faces social unrest from housing woes
* Defying ban, protesters rally in Bahrain
* Egyptian protesters slam US meddling
* TA: Social activists clash with police (Israel)
* French protesters slam police brutality

What If “They” Are Lying to Us about Ron Paul? (Verdades? Brilhante…)


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