Notícias do Dia 08/10/2011

* In Mulling the Bailout Plan, Slovakia Loses Its Zeal for the Euro Hmmm
* Europe Begins Working on Plan B for the Euro ([…] injectar capital nos seus bancos com alguns economistas a afirmarem que isso fica mais barato do que apoiar países.) (A sério?!?!?)
* ‘The Greatest Threat to Europe Is the Bailout Fund’ (É uma tentativa para usar nova dívida para resolver a crise da dívida. Isso nunca irá funcionar. […] Assumir cada vez mais dívidas danifica o euro. […] Claro que os estados têm de proteger as poupanças das suas populações. Mas isso fica muito mais barato do que gastar um resgate com os bancos. E isso, por si só, é muito mais barato do que ter de salvar estados.)
* Fitch Cuts Spain, Italy Credit Ratings; Outlooks Negative
* Euro fear as Spain and Italy’s debt ratings are downgraded
* Moody’s may downgrade ratings on Belgium
* What Options Are Left for the Common Currency?
* Spain’s foreign debt for the first time exceeded one billion euros
* Irish Trophy Home Plunges 75% in Price as Property Millionaires Disappear
* Greek austerity breeds new generation of homeless
* Tax bill to hurt lower incomes (Grécia – Sempre sobre os mesmos…)

* A Gloomy Message From Portugal’s Banks

* Census: Housing bust worst since Great Depression (EUA)
* How almost half of U.S. population lives in a household that receives state benefits
* Australian Construction Index Falls to Lowest Since February ’09
* The ‘asset crisis’ of emerging economies
* Credit Swaps on Chinese Debt Surge on Slowdown Fears Hmmm
* Wen urges financial support for small businesses (China)
* Devaluation Bets Spur Edenor Bond Sell-Off: Argentina Credit Hmmm
* Honda president says Japan can no longer be a manufacturing base Hmmm
* A job is becoming a dim memory for many unemployed
* American jobless: unemployed and uncounted
* Syria: Assad family ‘selling off overseas property empire’

* Banks’ overnight ECB deposits hit 2011 high (229,003 mil milhões de euros)
* Banks are warned not to rely on future bailouts to survive (Era bom… mas…)
* Concern UK may have to inject capital into RBS Hmmm
* Scared US banks holding money back
* No Double-Digit Returns Anywhere: Pimco’s Bill Gross
* Key regulator calls for limits on speculation in commodities markets (Nah…)
* Value of private pensions falls by nearly a third in three years (Inglaterra)
* Worth of Canadian pension funds dives
* Attorneys General Settlement: The Next Big Bank Bailout? (EUA)
* The Multibillion-Dollar Leak (Dodd-Frank) Hmmm
* Australian Central Bank Under Fire
* UK and Switzerland agree tax treaty
* The Congressmen who have received over $83,000 from big industry within days of being tasked with deciding $1.2trillion cuts (EUA)
* As Angry Customers Flee Financial Giants, Online Banks Are Booming Hmmm
* UK’s ‘double standard’ on war criminals (Os reis da hipocrisia…)

* Brazil inflation rate climbs after interest rate cut
* Angry savers target Bank of England
* U.K. Factory Prices Post Sharp Gain
* India’s Food Inflation Accelerates to 9.41%, a Three-Week High

* Finland vows care for narcolepsy kids who had swine flu shot (79 crianças)
* Premature births are 30% higher in cities because of pollution
* Hunger crisis grips North Korea as food runs short
* Earth’s population to amount to 7 billion in November

* Another Fukushima nuclear plant worker dies, TEPCO says death not related to radiation
* True radiation decontamination still a long way away
* Cesium levels off Fukushima Prefecture 58 times higher than before quake
* Soil contaminated by cesium limited in Tokyo, neighboring prefecture (“Só” a 250 Km de distância…)
* Okutama cesium level seen spiking ([…] com uma leitura de 100 mil a 300 mil becquerels de césio radioactivo por metro quadrado […]) (Tóquio…)
* Residents of Japanese town contaminated by Fukushima refuse to return

* Gold shines amid gloom of ‘worst economic crisis ever’
* Worst Oil Industry Slump Since Lehman May Herald Takeovers
* Greek cabinet approves plans for oil exploration, drilling
* Iraq battles to expand its oil exports (Infra-estruturas desactualizadas e em ruínas…)
* Citizens, industrialists sweat it out due to long power cuts (Índia)
* Water, food shortages loom in South Pacific

* 2,753 soldiers killed, £258bn spent… but top general says we’re only ‘half way there’ on tenth anniversary of invasion of Afghanistan
* NATO repeats all Soviet mistakes during Afghanistan’s occupation
* Afghanistan war 10th anniversary dispatch: ‘Life was safer under the Taliban’ Hmmm
* War in Afghanistan: a crime against humanity?
* It’s a fantasy to think we are winning the war in Afghanistan
* Ten years in Afghanistan and many more to come?
* Afghanistan ‘risks turning into civil war’
* Libya revolutionaries burn, loot village homes
* North Korea may conduct 3rd nuclear test if talks remain stalled
* Saudi silence on Israeli-seized islands
* Russia to lend Venezuela $4 bln to pay for arms deals
* Russian hit squad accused of murdering Chechen dissidents in Istanbul
* Turkmenistan imprisons reporter for five years
* NYPD spied on city’s Muslim anti-terror partners (Orwell – Todos se espiam a todos…)
* US drone strike kills 29 in Somalia
* Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet
* Right to private life ‘at risk’ in plan to store DNA of innocent people

* World uprising against corrupt thieves
* Anti-Berlusconi protests hit Italy
* Confronting the Malefactors
* Anti-Corporate Protests Spread to U.S. Capital
* Occupy SF camp broken up by police
* Protesters Clash With Police in Bahrain
* Protesters call for civilian rule in Egypt
* Jordanians rally against corruption
* Arab-Israeli towns go on strike over plans to confiscate their land
* Golan rallies in support of Assad
* Syria troops fire on anti-regime protesters, killing eight
* Chilean girls stage ‘occupation’ of their own school in education rights protest
* Kuwait Protesters in Porsches Say Gulf Can’t Spend Way Out of Arab Spring
* Saudis crush dissent and point finger at Iran for trouble in eastern province

Hedges: No way in US system to vote against banks (Chris Hedges, uma das vozes a nunca deixar de ouvir…)

London Falling: Like a man eating his own leg

JAPAN: Radiation safety standards far worse than former Soviet Union


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