Notícias do Dia 23/07/2011

* Philip Hensher: This common coinage could be the undoing of all that unites Europe (“O que faz de nós europeus? É a nossa cultura comum? É o nosso sistema de valores partilhado? Ou é o nosso dinheiro?”)
* Euro Euphoria Fades
* Bailout rescue: euphoria wanes as doubts emerge
* A Stab at Greek Clarity
* Is the Big Greek Deal Really Big? (Não!)
* Greece debt crisis: Relief likely to be temporary (“A solução para a dívida grega não parece vir a ser suficiente para uma solução permamente”)
* Slim Fallout Seen for Europe Banks (“Os maiores bancos europeus irão sofrer perdas modestas no novo acordo de bailout à Grécia”)
* Greek private creditors take 21 percent loss
* BRITAIN ‘MUST TAKE MORE MIGRANTS’ (“eurocratas estão a exigir que Inglaterra aceite mais emigrantes para ajudar a economia europeia em dificuldade”) ???
* Spanish banks hamstrung by bad loans
* Cyprus could be the eurozone’s next crisis point
* Serbia loses faith in European future

* Heat is on US over debt default deal
* The U.S. balance sheet includes billions in ‘old debt’ Hmmm
* Return of Mass Layoffs a Grim Sign for U.S. Workers
* Why we’ll have 10% unemployment soon
* Personal Consumption Rate Of Growth Down 77% In U.S. Since 2000
* U.S. Moves Toward Home ‘Rentership Society,’ Morgan Stanley Says
* China business lobby warns of bankruptcy wave (“porque os seus membros lutam contram a crescente inflação e a dificuldade de acesso ao crédito”)
* HSBC Preliminary China July PMI Signals Contraction (Quase…)
* In China, Mortgage Slaves Curse U.S. Debt: World View
* China’s High-Speed Rail Story Going Bust?
* Japan ready to buy more Europe bonds if needed: Noda (O quantas?!?!?! O dinheiro do ar!!!)
* The domino that never falls (A dívida do Japão!)
* Economic gaps widening in affluent Israel

* Chinese Banks Are Worse Off Than You Think Hmmm
* Fitch Ratings warns Chinese banks on asset quality risks
* Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Banks Make Big Profits by Bilking Consumers, Pay Small Fines
* Koch, Exxon Mobil Among Corporations Helping Write State Laws (ESTE É O NOSSO MUNDO!!!)
* Some companies hold hard line on using bribes (“A Câmara do Comércio americana está a planear alterar a lei federal anti-suborno para tornar mais seguro as companhias agraciarem alguns dos seus negócios além fronteiras”)(ESTE É O NOSSO MUNDO!!!)
* Federal Reserve audit highlights possible conflicts of interest (ESTE É O NOSSO MUNDO!!!)
* States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures (ESTE É O NOSSO MUNDO!!!)
* ‘UK hacking resignations a cover-up’ Hmmm
* George Osborne had dinner with Rupert Murdoch two weeks before BSkyB bid decision
* Chris Huhne orders inquiry into fossil fuel lobby influence over Tory MEPs
* Italian MPs sent themselves bogus death threats to qualify for protection !!!
* German cover-up furore after file on Nazi is deleted

* Scottish & Southern Energy raises fuel bills by 18pc
* Sizzling Food Prices Melt Away America’s Budget: FBN Shopping Cart
* Analysis: Struggling Indian economy hardens case to end policy

* Young people should not take flu vaccine, watchdog says
* Most teenage girls face a life of illness because they shun healthy food
* Pollutants Can Lurk and Hide
* Ethical rules needed to curb ‘Frankenstein-like experiments’ on animals
*Earth Burp’ May Have Caused Mass Extinction, Not Volcanic Activity
* Sinkholes around the world
* Was this unidentified object once flying? ???

* Plugging reactors no longer stated goal for Tepco (Deixem-nos verter à vontade!!!) !!!
* External power supply cut at 2 Fukushima reactors
* TEPCO probes Fukushima blackout
* TEPCO admitted failure to vent Fukushima No. 1 reactor in May report
* Are worries over meat overblown? (Não!)
* Bureaucrats had early doubts about nuke fuel recycling program (“Um dos aspectos principais é o da extracção de plutónio das varras nucleares usadas. Plutónio pode ser usada para construir armas atómicas.”) Hmmm

* Gold Approaches Record High on Haven Demand Amid U.S., Europe Debt Anxiety
* Oslo, Moscow review arctic oil and gas
* Somali Pirates Threaten European Oil Security
* Ethanol Industry Torn Over Losing Subsidy Billions
* Fuel Shortages Ignite Violent Nationwide Protests
* Competition draining Japan’s hold on battery materials market (Lítio)
* Iron ore shortage cripples south indian steel industry
* Can Urban Agriculture Feed a Hungry World? (“Existe apenas um problema: As quintas urbanas necessitam de vastas quantidades de energia.”) (Num mundo em contracção da energia disponível sonhar alto poderá ser quase o mesmo de estar a dar passos em direcção do precipicio…)

* Blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway; shooter arrested at youth camp
* Oslo attack initial speculation centered on Kurdish group Hmmm
* Norway police official tells AP attacks in Norway don’t appear linked to Islamist terrorism Hmmm
* “Anywhere is a target for Al-Qaeda” Hmmm
* Norway attacks suggest political motive Hmmm
* The police forgot to inform practice (“Polícia anti-terrorismo deflagrou explosivos durante um exercício em Oslo, a 200 metros do Ópera”)
* Norway Camp Shooting: ‘As Many As 30 Dead’

* Norway to support Palestinians – Norwegian FM
* Central Tripoli rocked by five explosions
* ‘Serious Concern’ in Indonesia as South China Sea Tensions Rise
* Spratly Islands row: Philippine trip riles China
* U.S. intelligence analysts speculated on China’s use of electromagnetic radiation on Taiwan
* Report: China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers
* ‘Ahmadinejad wants to go public with Iran nuclear program’
* Cyber Weapons: The New Arms Race
* China-Based Spies Said to Be Behind Hacking of IMF Computers
* Proposed Law Would Mandate Jail for Critics of Saudi King
* New facial recognition scanners to be introduced at Heathrow

* Protesters march on Egypt’s ministry of defense, military headquarters
* Egypt’s government reshuffle is theatrical – Cairo professor
* Hundreds of thousands protest in Syria, 11 killed
* Bahraini troops attack protesters, kill 1
* Jordanians hold anti-US protest

Strong explosion rocks Oslo, 7 dead, 15 injured in ‘car bomb’ blast

Eurozone debt crisis-News Analysis
Media Allowed to Film Bohai Bay Oil Leaks in Shandong Province


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