Outras Notícias do Dia 09-10/12/2010


Clube da bancarrota: Portugal sobe, de novo, para 6º lugar
Corrupção: Peso da economia paralela atingiu um quarto do PIB em 2009 – Estudo +++
Vítor Constâncio: “UE já utiliza mesmos métodos que o FMI”
Economia paralela deverá crescer mais
Fitch corta ‘rating’ da Irlanda em três níveis +
BCE deixa recados aos banqueiros
UE ultima Portugal a aplicar reformas +
Weber diz que Portugal viveu acima das suas possibilidades
Daniel Bessa: “A economia está a ser aniquilada pelo Estado social”
Allied Irish Banks tenciona pagar 40 milhões em prémios +++
Deutsche Bank sugere ao BCE que “obrigue” os bancos a comprarem dívida dos periféricos +
IGCP agenda último leilão de dívida do ano para a próxima quarta-feira ++
Portugueses elegem classe política como a mais corrupta +
Justiça fez-nos cair do 23.º lugar para o 32.º +
Inflação no Brasil em Novembro é a maior desde 2005
Brasil quer apoiar Portugal na crise da dívida com melhores condições que o FMI
Alemanha: inflação toca máximo de dois anos em Novembro
Ouro corrige em forte baixa após picos históricos
Rising prices put homes out of reach for many
US Fiscal Health Worse Than Europe’s: China Official +
James Turk: You Should Also Take Your Silver Out Of The Banks
Food Stamp Rolls Continue to Rise
Home Values May Drop by $1.7 Trillion This Year: Zillow
Wall Street Quietly Creates a New Way to Profit From Homeowner Distress
Russia’s Central Bank concerned about price tsunami
USA: people going from bad to worse, but capital has record profits ++
Pimco Raises U.S. Growth Forecast on `Massive’ Stimulus +
China’s Economic Growth Lifts Rest of World, IMF Study Says
Majority of Americans Say Fed Should Be Reined In or Abolished, Poll Shows ++
Ireland’s Medicine Too Harsh for Others: David Blanchflower +
Carney warns about consumer debt
Despite Strong Bond Auction, Treasurys Likely to Fall Further +
Global Economy Faces Higher Capital Costs, McKinsey Study Says
Banks in Europe Fail Stress Tests With No Authority +
India Inflation Above `Tolerance Level,’ Subbarao Says Before Rate Meeting
Irlanda quer taxar a 90% os bónus da banca +-
CMVM diz que Jardim conhecia as ‘offshores’ do BCP
Moody’s coloca ‘rating’ dos bancos portugueses sob revisão
Barclays aconselha Portugal a pedir ajuda
Tribunais sem telefones por falta de pagamento +
Fitch coloca em ”outlook” negativo 83 produtos financeiros portugueses
Mais de 24 mil lojas fecharam as portas desde chegada dos hipermercados
Guerra pelo financiamento assusta mercados +
83% dos portugueses acham que corrupção aumentou
Presidente da Segurança Social alerta para agravamento da pobreza das famílias em 2011
China aumenta taxa de reservas obrigatórias da banca +
‘Lobby’ financeiro tenta travar reformas +++
Famílias da classe média penalizadas nos impostos +
Sobreendividados aumentam 12,5%
Construção: produção averba queda de 8,9% em Outubro – INE +
Gold Falls Near $1,380 After China Bank Move
EU Bank Supervisors Agree Bankers’ Bonus Curbs
Top Strategist: Silver Surging To At Least $50 ++
Moody’s: May Downgrade Portugal Banks
European Bank Debt Still Appeals to Funds
Home Prices Falling Fast, Eroding American Wealth And Threatening Recovery +
Goldman Sachs Accused Of Trading Abuses Over CDS Deals
Some Appointees to Oil and Gas Commission Are Industry Execs, Lobbyists
Government is going soft on banks, warn campaigners +
Joseph Stiglitz: America’s QE2 poses ‘considerable’ risk to economy +++
China orders banks to raise reserves to fight inflation +
Europe set to link banking bonuses to basic salaries
Ireland could sell banks to Middle Eastern wealth funds
Euro slides, bonds yields widen as Merkel, Sarkozy unite to oppose bigger EU rescue fund
November federal budget deficit highest on record
Something Republicans and Democrats Agree On: Their Hatred of the Fed


A bactéria da discórdia +++
The peasant view of Cancún talks: ‘They want to turn the air into a commodity’
Freeze brings Paris to a standstill
Research finds source of cholera is a UN base +
UN Needs New Body to Spend CO2 Revenue, De Boer Says +++
9/11 Health Bill Falls Short In Senate Test Vote
Far Offshore, a Rash of Close Calls +
Big freeze to last at least another month, forecasters warn
U.S. life expectancy slipped as recession took hold
Hipermercados racionam vendas de açúcar +++
Preço das matérias primas dispara. Associação garante açúcar no Natal +++
Camponeses em círculo vicioso de pobreza
Organismos geneticamente modificados requerem “política única”
Matérias-primas sobem 80% nos têxteis e 30% no calçado
Aposta financeira nas mercadorias promete mais ganhos em 2011
Negócios: «Matérias-primas alimentam nova crise»
Ministério do Ambiente dá «luz verde» ao novo aeroporto
Toxic Soil Shows Rigors of Nuclear Cleanup +
EPA Says Gas Drilling in Texas Contaminated Water and Presents ‘Threat of Explosion’ +
Good Graph Friday: The food wealth gap
After the cop-out in Copenhagen, it’s chaos in Cancun
Rich and poor nations in deadlock over fossil-fuel emissions
World media over-react to NASA
Analysis: Seed leaders Pioneer, Monsanto see S.Africa backlash +++
Senate tax bill extends ethanol credit, tariff +
EU coal nations win fight for subsidies to 2018 +++
Greenland Ice Sheet Flow Driven by Short-Term Weather Extremes, Not Gradual Warming, Research Reveals +
How Will Clouds Respond to Climate Change?
Haitian cholera strain could dominate the Americas +++
Cloud ‘Feedback’ Affects Global Climate and Warming


EUA rejeitam fecho de Guantánamo
Prisioneiros de Guantánamo vão processar Portugal ++
EUA preocupados com mísseis russos vendidos a Chávez
Mexico May Extend Oil Output Declines for 7th Year
U.S. Invites Japan to Join Korean Exercise as Tensions With North Escalate
Russia says warplanes flew near U.S.-Japan drill
‘Bad Russian guys’ disrupt USA-Japan drills
The West wants to dismember China on Soviet pattern
Ukraine slams Romanian plans to annex Moldova
Prince Charles’s Car Attacked in London During Student Protests Over Fees
U.K. Vote on Student Fees Sparks Violent Protests
Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India
France Says It Would Transfer Technology to Russia
Taiwan Produces New Type Of Missile
Mexican oil may not be worth it
Reconhecimento do Estado palestino gera especulações sobre interesse brasileiro
Greek strikes to intensify
Report: U.S. officials protected Gestapo agents
Tougher rules on protecting classified info eyed
U.S. Navy opens nuclear carrier to reporters during Japan-U.S. joint exercises
Mob must be punished, says Cameron
UN sees ‘clear benchmark’ of Iran’s nuclear breaches


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