Especial Wikileaks (Outras Notícias do Dia)

De forma a criar uma base de fácil acesso à informação que for saindo sobre as últimas revelações do Wikileaks, todos os links com informação relevante sobre o tema irão ser dispostos apenas neste tópico. Em destaque irão ficar os links para as notícias que forem saindo nos jornais para onde o Wikileaks enviou e está a enviar a informação.

Casa Mãe 1 do Wikileaks
Casa mãe 2 do Wikileaks

The Guardian:

US embassy cables: browse the database
WikiLeaks: Open secrets
Saudi Arabia urges US attack on Iran to stop nuclear programme
WikiLeaks cables: US view of Kim Jong-il, Putin, Sarkozy and Berlusconi
US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis
How 250,000 US embassy cables were leaked
US embassy cables: The job of the media is not to protect the powerful from embarrassment
Wikileaks cables reveal China ‘ready to abandon North Korea’
WikiLeaks cables: ‘Rude’ Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador
Wikileaks cable: Prince Charles ‘not respected like Queen’
US embassy cables flush out royal gossip
Hillary Clinton questions Cristina Kirchner’s mental health
Hillary Clinton attacks release of US embassy cables
WikiLeaks claims are ‘psychological warfare’ says Ahmadinejad
US embassy cables: UN seeks answers from Washington
WikiLeaks cables: Mervyn King had doubts over Cameron and Osborne
WikiLeaks: Mervyn King should quit over ‘political bias’, says Blanchflower
WikiLeaks: Mervyn King is consistently wrong: now his hawkish dogma has been exposed
US embassy cables culprit should be executed, says Mike Huckabee
WikiLeaks: Interpol issues wanted notice for Julian Assange
WikiLeaks cables: Pakistani army chief considered plan to oust president
WikiLeaks cables: Prince Andrew demanded special BAE briefing
WikiLeaks cables: ‘Nicolas Sarkozy thin-skinned and authoritarian’
WikiLeaks: Secrets shared with millions are not secret
WikiLeaks cables expose Pakistan nuclear fears
America, Pakistan and the $26m barbed wire bill
WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia wants military rule in Pakistan
WikiLeaks cables: UK on constant alert to Russian espionage
Julian Assange says WikiLeaks wants to expose China and Russia as much as US
WikiLeaks cables: ‘Sri Lankan president responsible for massacre of Tamils’
WikiLeaks cables: reading between the lines
WikiLeaks cables: Secret deal let Americans sidestep cluster bomb ban
WikiLeaks row: Putin labels US embassy cables ‘slanderous’
WikiLeaks cables condemn Russia as ‘mafia state’
WikiLeaks cables: Moscow mayor presided over ‘pyramid of corruption’
WikiLeaks cables: Russian government ‘using mafia for its dirty work’
WikiLeaks cables link Russian mafia boss to EU gas supplies
WikiLeaks cables: Chechnya’s ruler, a three-day wedding and a golden gun
WikiLeaks cables claim Russia armed Georgian separatists
WikiLeaks cables: Alexander Litvinenko murder ‘probably had Putin’s OK’
WikiLeaks cables: Berlusconi ‘profited from secret deals’ with Putin
US embassy cables vindicate Litvinenko murder claim, says widow +
WikiLeaks cables: Gordon Brown an ‘abysmal’ prime minister
WikiLeaks cables: Gordon Brown’s global moves dismissed by US
WikiLeaks cables: CIA drew up UN spying wishlist for diplomats
UK overruled on Lebanon spy flights from Cyprus, WikiLeaks cables reveal
US has lost faith in Mexico’s ability to win drugs war, WikiLeaks cables show
WikiLeaks cables expose Afghan contempt for British military
WikiLeaks cables portray Hamid Karzai as corrupt and erratic
WikiLeaks: Afghan MPs and religious scholars ‘on Iran payroll’
Foreign contractors hired Afghan ‘dancing boys’, WikiLeaks cable reveals
WikiLeaks: Afghan vice-president ‘landed in Dubai with $52m in cash’
US convinced Karzai half-brother is corrupt, WikiLeaks cables say
Germany accuses US over ‘missing’ Afghan funds, WikiLeaks cables show
WikiLeaks cables blame Chinese government for Google hacking
WikiLeaks cables: Yemen offered US ‘open door’ to attack al-Qaida on its soil
PayPal freezes WikiLeaks account
Afghan’s finance minister warns leaked cables will damage relations with US
WikiLeaks cables: Cancún climate talks doomed to fail, says EU president
WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord +
Diplomatic cables: Gaddafi risked nuclear disaster after UN slight +
WikiLeaks cables: Conservatives promised to run ‘pro-American regime’
WikiLeaks cables: Saudi Arabia rated a bigger threat to Iraqi stability than Iran
Chinese news sites steer clear of China-related WikiLeaks cables
WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s question: how can we stand up to Beijing?
WikiLeaks cables: Spanish PM helped GE beat Rolls-Royce to helicopter deal
WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cashpoint for terrorists
WikiLeaks: Internet backlash follows US pressure against whistleblowing site
WikiLeaks cables reveal secret Nato plans to defend Baltics from Russia
WikiLeaks cables: Poland wants missile shield to protect against Russia
Wikileaks cables: US fights flow of arms from eastern Europe to its enemies
WikiLeaks cables: Burma general considered Manchester United buyout
WikiLeaks cables: Algeria goes from security joke to US ally in Maghreb
WikiLeaks cables: US pressured UN climate chief to bar Iranian from job
Julian Assange to be questioned by British police
Pressure mounts on WikiLeaks as net tightens around founder Julian Assange
WikiLeaks cables: Saudis proposed Arab force to invade Lebanon
WikiLeaks cables: Syria stunned by Hezbollah assassination
WikiLeaks cables: Tunisia blocks site reporting ‘hatred’ of first lady
WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex
WikiLeaks’ Nato revelations cause ‘bewilderment’ in Russia
WikiLeaks: US Senator Joe Lieberman suggests New York Times could be investigated
WikiLeaks cables: Muammar Gaddafi and the ‘voluptuous blonde’
Lockerbie bomber: the view from Scotland
WikiLeaks cables: Lockerbie bomber freed after Gaddafi’s ‘thuggish’ threats
WikiLeaks cables: Muammar Gaddafi – mercurial, phobic ‘King of Culture’
WikiLeaks climate change cables: what do you think?
WikiLeaks cables: Shell’s grip on Nigerian state revealed
WikiLeaks cables: Nigeria feared coup as president lay dying overseas
WikiLeaks cables: Rampant corruption ‘could push Kenya back into violence’
WikiLeaks cables: Eritrean poverty and patriotism under ‘unhinged dictator’
WikiLeaks cables: Thabo Mbeki ‘thin-skinned, shrill and defensive’
WikiLeaks cables paint ANC youth leader as potential kingmaker
WikiLeaks cables: Whitehall told US to ignore Brown’s Trident statement
WikiLeaks supporters disrupt Visa and MasterCard sites in ‘Operation Payback’
WikiLeaks: Who are the hackers behind Operation Payback?
Assange ‘not responsible for security breaches’ says Kevin Rudd
WikiLeaks cables: Consult us before using intelligence to commit war crimes, US tells Uganda
WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout
WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites
WikiLeaks cables: China ‘fed up’ with Burma’s footdragging on reforms
After 12 days of WikiLeaks cables, the world looks on US with new eyes
WikiLeaks cables: Serbia suspects Russian help for fugitive Ratko Mladić
WikiLeaks cables: Former Croatia PM flees over corruption claims
WikiLeaks cables: Kosovo sliding towards partition, Washington told
WikiLeaks cable exposes US-UK rift over Croatian accession to EU
WikiLeaks cables cast Hosni Mubarak as Egypt’s ruler for life
WikiLeaks cables had a huge impact in Spain, says El Pais editor-in-chief
WikiLeaks cables: Oil giants squeeze Chávez as Venezuela struggles
Cancún climate change summit: Leaked documents reveal alternative deal
WikiLeaks: Pope’s offer to Anglicans risked ‘violence against Catholics’
Julian Assange supporters plan protests worldwide
Julian Assange’s lawyers ‘preparing for possible US charges’
WikiLeaks cables: Anonymous declares online war against companies
WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey kept out of EU
WikiLeaks cables: Vatican refused to engage with child sex abuse inquiry
WikiLeaks row: why Amazon’s desertion has ominous implications for democracy
WikiLeaks cables: MI5 offered files on Finucane killing to inquiry
WikiLeaks cable describes legacy of distrust left by Finucane killing
WikiLeaks cables: Sinn Féin leaders ‘were aware of’ Northern Bank heist plans
WikiLeaks cables: IRA used Irish boom to turn ‘respectable’
WikiLeaks cable sticks the knife into Azerbaijan’s first lady
WikiLeaks may make the powerful howl, but we are learning the truth
Vatican reaction to WikiLeaks claims
WikiLeaks cables show US public-private conflict over Uzbekistan
WikiLeaks cables paint bleak picture of Tajikistan, central Asia’s poorest state
WikiLeaks cables name UK banker as middleman in Kazakh corruption ring
Amazon UK goes offline amid threats of cyber attacks
WikiLeaks backlash: The first global cyber war has begun, claim hackers
WikiLeaks cables: RBS chairman said directors ‘failed to live up to their duties’
WikiLeaks cables: Mervyn King plotted banks bailout by four cash-rich nations
WikiLeaks cables: Ireland ‘a bit optimistic’ on banks before bailout
WikiLeaks cables: US pressured British regulator to act against Iranian banks
WikiLeaks cables: UK police ‘developed’ evidence against McCanns
WikiLeaks cables: Drive to tackle Islamists made ‘little progress’
* US air force blocks staff from websites carrying WikiLeaks cables
* WikiLeaks cables: UK’s anti-drugs fight in Ghana ‘beset by corruption

* Ghanaian police ‘helped drug smugglers evade security

* US fears over west African cocaine route

* Jamaica accused of aiding drug smugglers

* BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform
* Chevron discussed oil project with Tehran, claims Iraqi PM
* BP accused by Azerbaijan of stealing oil worth $10bn
* Azerbaijan complains of BP clout in country
* Thai leaders doubt suitability of prince to become king
* Julian Assange bail decision made by UK authorities, not Sweden +
* Court costs strain WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s finances
* India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir
* Dalai Lama called for focus on climate, not politics, in Tibet
* Rahul Gandhi warned US of Hindu extremist threat
* US officials voiced fears India could be target of biological terrorism
* WikiLeaks cables show warming relationship between India and US
* US diplomats suggested Bollywood stars should tour Afghanistan
* Liam Fox cancels Sri Lanka trip amid claim in cables of Colombo’s war crimes complicity
* Bradley Manning’s health deteriorating in jail, supporters say
* Julian Assange’s extradition not yet sought by US
* Anonymous hierarchy emerges
* Sudanese president ‘stashed $9bn in UK banks’
* WikiLeaks cables reveal US concerns over timing of Charles Taylor trial
* Cuba’s ‘best friends forever’ ignore human rights
* Cuba banned Sicko for depicting ‘mythical’ healthcare system
* WikiLeaks cables detail Fidel Castro’s doomed love for Obama
* Steven Spielberg was target of Arab League boycott, WikiLeaks cable shows
* WikiLeaks cable reveals Berlusconi’s efforts to duck Bono tongue-lashing
* US criticises court that may decide on Julian Assange extradition, WikiLeaks cables show
* Julian Assange: WikiLeaks faces ‘very aggressive’ investigation by US
* 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange
* Julian Assange furore deepens as new details emerge of sex crime allegations
* Julian Assange says his life is ‘under threat
* Michael Moore film Sicko was ‘not banned’ in Cuba
* UN offered Robert Mugabe a lucrative retirement overseas +
* WikiLeaks cables describe Belarus leader as ‘bizarre’ and ‘disturbed
* Yemen radioactive stocks ‘were easy al-Qaida target
* Tanzania official investigating BAE ‘fears for his life’
* How US ‘second line of defence’ tackles nuclear threat
* Tanzania official investigating BAE ‘fears for his life’
* Egypt ‘turned down’ black-market nuclear weapons deal
* Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden
* US suspected Allen Stanford long before ECB deal
* Libyan attacks aimed to force out ‘Zionist’ Marks & Spencer
* Bulgarian nuclear project ‘dogged by safety concerns’
* UK businessmen ‘overeducated’ says Richard Branson
* ‘Taliban treats heroin stocks like savings accounts’
* Let’s hope the WikiLeaks cables move us closer to open diplomacy
* Syria believed Israel was behind sniper killing +
* Bangladeshi ‘death squad’ trained by UK government
* How ‘Hurricane Anna Nicole’ blew away the Bahamas
* Vatican vetoed Holocaust memorial over Pius XII row
* Iraq security firms operate ‘mafia’ to inflate prices
* McDonald’s used US to put pressure on El Salvador
* Iranian TV channel faced UK sanction over jamming row
* Lamb sales behind New Zealand’s ‘flap’ with Israel
* UK hopes to influence Islamic education in Bangladesh
* US pushed for reopening of Bangladesh coal mine
* Mauritius sues UK for control of Chagos islands
* Julian Assange: my fate will rest in Cameron’s hands if US charges me nova

New York Times: (DEAD ou a querer reacordar?)

Cables Obtained by WikiLeaks Shine Light Into Secret Diplomatic Channels
Around the World, Distress Over Iran
Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea
Leaked Cables Depict a World Guessing About North Korea
Clinton Says U.S. Diplomacy Will Survive ‘Attack’
Iran Calls Leaked Documents a U.S. Plot’
U.S. Haggled to Find Takers for Detainees From Guantánamo
Nuclear Fuel Memos Expose Wary Dance With Pakistan
U.S. Opposed Release of Nuclear Dealer
Putin Criticizes U.S. Remarks on Russia
Cables Praise French Friend With a ‘Mercurial’ Side
Blackwater Aimed to Hunt Pirates
Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ for WikiLeaks Founder
Embracing Georgia, U.S. Misread Signs of Rifts
Diplomats Noted Canadian Mistrust Toward U.S.
A Dim U.S. View of Russia and Putin
Cables Offer Shifting Portrait of Karzai
Cables Describe Scale of Afghan Corruption
Cables Discuss Vast Hacking by a China That Fears the Web
From WikiLemons, Clinton Tries to Make Lemonade
Afghans and Pakistanis Attack Cables
Libya Delayed Nuclear Fuel Disposal Deal
Cables Suggest Mideast Resists U.S. on Cutting Terrorists’ Cash
Europe Wary of U.S. Bank Monitors
Vast Hacking by a China Fearful of the Web
Afghans and Pakistanis Attack Cables
Cables Depict Range of Obama Diplomacy
Government Workers Ordered Not to Read Cables
WikiLeaks cables claim al-Jazeera changed coverage to suit Qatari foreign policy
Lebanon told allies of Hezbollah’s secret network, WikiLeaks shows
Brazil denied existence of Islamist militants, WikiLeaks cables show
Julian Assange’s lawyers say they are being watched
WikiLeaks: Google attacks ordered by Li Changchun
Columbia students told job prospects harmed if they access WikiLeaks cables +
Cables Suggest Mideast Resists U.S. on Cutting Terrorists’ Cash
Meddling Neighbors Undercut Iraq’s Political Stability, Cables Say
Europe Wary of U.S. Bank Monitors
U.S. Strains to Stop Arms Flow
Untangling a North Korean Missile Business
France, Turning to a New Partner, Dismays an Old One Over a Ship
NATO Balanced Baltic and Russian Anxieties
Hackers Go After Companies Seen as WikiLeaks Enemies
Officials Pressed Germans on Kidnapping by C.I.A.
China Resisted U.S. Pressure on Rights of Nobel Winner
Pirates’ Catch Exposed Route of Arms in Sudan
* Cable Shows Nations Going Easy on Cuba – Acordou hoje para fazer festinhas a Cuba…
* Swedish Police Report Details Case Against Assange – e hoje para fazer festinhas a Assange
* WikiLeaks: Careful When Shooting the Messenger e hoje porque estão a tremer que nem varas verdes
* Cables Shed Light on Ex-K.G.B. Officer’s Death
* Israel: Cable Cites Cooperation Against Hamas
* Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency nova

Der Spiegel: (Quase DEAD)

What Do the Diplomatic Cables Really Tell Us?
A Superpower’s View of the World
Leaked Cables Reveal True US Worldview
Internal Source Kept US Informed of Merkel Coalition Negotiations
US Diplomats Told to Spy on Other Countries at United Nations
Diplomatic Cables Reveal US Doubts about Turkey’s Government
Haggling with Allies over New Homes for Detainees
‘There Will Be Lots of Drama’
The World Reacts to Massive Diplomatic Leak
Unstable Pakistan Has US on Edge
How America Views the Germans
America’s Dark View of Turkish Premier Erdogan
The US Eyes the World of Kim Jong Il
Blackwater Subsidiary Flouted German Arms Export Laws
Berlin Goes into Damage-Control Mode on Unflattering Cables
‘I Am not Going to Apologize’
‘A Weapon of Mass Destruction on the Last Traces of Trust’
US Forced to Change Course in Relations with Ukraine
The US Is Betting on Putin
Cables Show Arab Leaders Fear a Nuclear Iran
Cables Track US Diplomatic Efforts to Avert Russian-Georgian Conflict
Dispatches Lay Bare Rocky US Relationship with Karzai
Mole in Germany’s FDP Party Comes Forward
US Army Charged Germany Fees for Afghanistan Donations
Washington Concerned about Berlusconi-Putin Axis
US Diplomats Struggle with an Eccentric Despot
A Coordinated Effort to Get Information about Tehran
US Ambassador Seeks to Limit Fallout from Cables
A US Hand in Yemen’s Civil War
US Diplomats Analyzed Death Of Bruno the Bear
‘People Will No Longer Speak to American Diplomats Frankly’
US Diplomats Gripe over Vienna’s Limited World View
Cables Suggest Chinese Support for Cyber Espionage
An American Portrait of China’s Next Leader
‘True Democracy’ Within China’s Politburo?
Washington Fights to Rebuild Battered Reputation
‘America’s Credibility Is the Victim of These Leaks
‘The United States Is Behind This Deliberate Leak’
Diplomats Were Misled by Saddam’s ‘Cordial’ Manner
A Lot of Blood for Little Oil
Julian Assange Becomes the US’s Public Enemy No. 1
A Difficult US Fight to Choke Off Terror Finance
German Hesitancy May Have Worsened Saharan Hostage Drama
On the Trail of Weapons Smugglers
US Attempts to Influence World Climate Body
The US and China Joined Forces Against Europe
The Rocky US Relationship with Little Austria
Assange’s ‘Martyr Status’ Further Damages US Reputation
Cables Reveal Resentment at Chinese Influence in Africa
Deep-Seated Corruption in Kenya a Cause for US Concern
A Discreet Deal for the War in Sudan
Cables Show Germany Caved to Pressure from Washington
Manipulating the Political Dwarves of Europe
Can Free Speech Be Protected on a Private Internet?
A Cesspool of Corruption and Crime in the Niger Delta
America’s Unsavory Friends in Central Asia
The US Befriends Azerbaijan’s Corrupt Elite
Cables of Confusion from the Heart of the Vatican
Is Treason a Civic Duty?
‘Donations Were Never as Strong as Now’
* The Whistleblowers Versus the World
* US Pressured Italy to Influence Judiciary
* US Seems ‘Helpless’ in the Fight against Assange
* ‘WikiLeaks Is Annoying, But Not a Threat’ nova

El País:

Información transparente contra el secretismo de los Gobiernos
La mayor filtración de la historia deja al descubierto los secretos de la política exterior de EE UU
Diplomáticos de EE UU reciben órdenes de espiar a la ONU
EE UU vigila de cerca la agenda islamista de Erdogan
Espías en la Embajada de Berlín
Los árabes piden a EE UU frenar a Irán por cualquier medio
Presiones a jueces, ministros y empresarios en España
La ONU recuerda a EE UU que es un organismo “inviolable”
Francia considera como una “amenaza” las filtraciones de Wikileaks
“Zapatero usa la política exterior para ganar puntos en España”
China apuesta por dominar una Corea unificada
Wikileaks acaba con la diplomacia clásica
“Los ministros españoles trabajan para que no prosperen las órdenes de detención”
“Zaragoza tiene una estrategia para torcer el brazo a Garzón en el ‘caso Guantánamo”
Quejas por el estilo impulsivo y autoritario de Sarkozy
El Banco de Inglaterra no se fiaba de los conservadores
Pakistán presta apoyo encubierto a grupos terroristas
Los espías cubanos actúan por libre en Venezuela y despachan con Chávez
Duros testimonios de dos ayudantes de los Kirchner
Estados Unidos estrecha el cerco sobre Wikileaks
Las élites rusas imponen su ley de excesos y corrupción
El presidente ruso cede ante la autoridad de Putin
Georgia pierde la atención de Washington
Un fiscal español vincula a la mafia rusa con el Kremlin
Litvinenko, polonio-210 y la sombra de Putin
“Los españoles no ponen reparos a los vuelos secretos”
La nueva actitud de Argentina hacia las Malvinas inquieta al equipo de Clinton
Irán sigue la pista del uranio en América Latina
El Gobierno mexicano admite su temor a que varias zonas caigan en manos del ‘narco’
EE UU sitúa al Palacio Real en la cima de la corrupción en Marruecos
Un Ejército marginado e ineficaz
Los sobornos y el dinero oculto sostienen al Gobierno afgano
Londres y Washington, a la greña en 2008 por los vuelos de espionaje
La “nefasta conexión” entre Berlusconi y Putin obsesiona a EEUU
Berlusconi, visto desde Washington: “Inconsistente y con problemas de salud por su tendencia a las fiestas salvajes”
La cúpula del Partido Comunista Chino dirigió el ataque a Google
Espionaje chino al Dalai Lama, Gobiernos y empresas
EE UU ejecutó un plan para conseguir una ley antidescargas
Argelia garantiza a EE UU que no irá a la guerra por el Sáhara
Washington descarta los vínculos entre el Frente Polisario y Al Qaeda
Van Rompuy: “Copenhague fue un desastre. Las cumbres del clima no funcionarán”
EE UU acusa a donantes saudíes de financiar el terrorismo islamista
Irak somete al control de EE UU la entrada de diplomáticos iraníes
La embajada cree que Zapatero le ayudó en un contrato militar
“Habrá un antes y un después del ‘Cablegate”
Lula es el “formidable obstáculo” para que la estadounidense Boeing renueve la Fuerza Aérea de Brasil
La cúpula del Partido Comunista Chino dirigió el ataque a Google
EE UU: Chávez y el narcotráfico financian la Nicaragua de Ortega
La OTAN aprobó un plan secreto de defensa de los países bálticos
Polonia exige a EE UU un refuerzo de su seguridad para protegerse de Rusia
El tráfico de armas entre países radicales se extiende por Asia
Assange contacta con la Policía británica para declarar sobre la euroorden de arresto
España, preocupada por la aparición de un Estado sin control en el Magreb
“Zapatero lleva mal que le den clases de algo”
Zapatero dice estar preocupado “en lo que afecta a la seguridad de los Estados” por las filtraciones de Wikileaks
Funes pide ayuda a EE UU frente a sus socios ex guerrilleros
Libia amenazó a Londres si no trasladaba al terrorista de Lockerbie
Gadafi es un “hipocondriaco” y le obsesiona la estética
“Pasatiempos carnales” en Arabia Saudí
Los sandinistas dicen que los papeles de Estados Unidos quieren dañar a su partido
Medvédev critica la “hipocresía” del plan secreto de la OTAN en el Báltico
Rusia vendió a Chávez al menos 100 sistemas antiaéreos muy sofisticados
Uribe buscó en secreto el diálogo directo con las FARC
Sarkozy: la liberación de Betancourt a cualquier precio
Cambiamos tesoro por ‘pissarro’
China utiliza a Liu Xiaobo como escarmiento para frenar la disidencia
Cuba carece de recursos para sobrevivir más de dos años
El petróleo venezolano no basta para financiar el socialismo
Lula dice que la detención de Assange “atenta contra la libertad de expresión”
La farmacéutica Pfizer conspiró para evitar un juicio en Nigeria
El botín envenenado
EE UU considera Cataluña el “mayor centro mediterráneo del yihadismo”
“España, objetivo de la yihad”
Uno de los planificadores del 11-M vigiló la Embajada de EE UU
Palomares: 50.000 metros contaminados con plutonio
EE UU ve el Vaticano como un poder cerrado, provinciano y anticuado
El Vaticano califica de “extrema gravedad” las filtraciones de Wikileads sobre la Santa Sede
Serbia cree que Rusia y mafias locales protegen a Mladic
El Parlamento ruso aprueba una ley que disipa los temores de Visa y MasterCard
Uribe advirtió que Chávez era una amenaza similar a Hitler
El jefe del primer banco portugués ofreció a EE UU informar sobre Irán
José Sócrates es “carismático” y “le desagrada compartir el poder”
Perú pide ayuda a EE UU ante el rebrote de Sendero Luminoso
La red de corrupción tejida por Montesinos sobrevive en el Ejército peruano
EE UU acusa a Berlusconi de querer controlar los contenidos de Internet
Chile pidió ayuda al espionaje de EE UU frente a los mapuches
El misterioso y dramático destino de la viuda de Arafat
‘Caso Madeleine’: la policía británica apuntó a los padres
La familia de Couso denuncia “concierto delictivo” entre los Gobiernos de España y EE UU
* EE UU establece un férreo control sobre los musulmanes británicos
* El pasado de guerrilla y dictadura se interpone hoy entre EE UU y Uruguay
* La Fuerza Aérea de EE UU bloquea desde sus ordenadores a 25 webs por publicar material de Wikileaks
* Las libertades están en juego
* Castro rechazó ser operado tras la primera hemorragia en un avión
* La caída de Pérez y Lage dejó al mundo sin conexión con Cuba
* Temor a una intervención militar de Chávez a favor del régimen cubano
* Sócrates aprobó en secreto los vuelos desde Guantánamo +++
* Un fallo en un pozo de BP causó un grave accidente en Azerbaiyán
* La familia de Couso rechaza reunirse con el ministro de Justicia
* EE UU apuesta por la juventud cubana frente a la vieja disidencia
* Raúl Castro propuso a Clinton un ‘teléfono rojo’ con La Habana
* “Todo el mundo coincide en que Alan García tiene un ego colosal”
* Argelia: la corrupción alcanza a los hermanos de Buteflika
* EE UU presionó al Gobierno para que entregara a Al Kassar
* España, centro financiero de la yihad en Irak
* Chávez facilitó la fuga de varios etarras en Venezuela, según el ex director del CNI
* EE UU sospecha de grupos de la oposición cubana en España
* EE UU tiene fichadas a 25 empresas españolas por invertir en Cuba
* El mundo evita hablar en Cuba de derechos humanos
* El visado libre de Ecuador dispara las alarmas en Washington
* La corrupción atenaza la inversión extranjera en República Dominicana
* EE UU: “España nos pide que presionemos a Bruselas a favor de los transgénicos” +
* Misión Milagro: una operación de ojos a cambio de adoctrinamiento
* El presidente de Sudán guarda 6.800 millones en bancos de Reino Unido
* Lo que de verdad ocultan los Gobiernos
* El presidente de Colombia congeló el acuerdo militar con EE UU que había impulsado como ministro
* Israel asegura que Irán es ya una amenaza nuclear
* “Israel sería feliz si Hamás toma Gaza”, dice el jefe del espionaje
* El material nuclear circula sin control en el corazón de África
* EE UU acusa a Assange de ser “un terrorista de alta tecnología”
* Wikileaks y “los viejos del lugar”
* EE UU: “Un régimen criminal de naturaleza violenta y autoritaria”
* La falta de independencia de la justicia frena el desarrollo marroquí
* Berlusconi intentó evitar la investigación del ‘caso Calipari’
* EE UU investigó siete webs españolas
* EE UU revisó la seguridad de las nucleares españolas ante un ataque
* Lula pidió a Chávez que bajara el tono contra EE UU
* Los Juegos Olímpicos acercan a Brasilia y Washington
* El juez Bermúdez aseguró que Barakat asistió a la reunión del 11-S en Tarragona nova
* El Gobierno de Guinea Conakry simula las quemas de cocaína nova
* Industria crea un concurso a medida de una firma solar de California a petición de EE UU nova
* Dubái reveló la pista israelí en la muerte de un líder de Hamás por temor a represalias nova
* El presidente de Panamá pidió a la DEA escuchas telefónicas nova
* La Agencia Antidroga de EE UU pone el punto de mira en África Occidental nova
* El Gobierno pidió ayuda a la CIA para paralizar la construcción de una fábrica española de ácido nítrico en Libia nova

Le Monde:

Wikileaks : Dans les coulisses de la diplomatie américaine
Wikileaks déclenche une tempête dans les capitales mondiales
Pourquoi “Le Monde” publie les documents WikiLeaks
Wikileaks : comment Washington voit la lutte contre le terrorisme en France
Wikileaks : l’embarras de Washington au sujet des anciens détenus de Guantanamo
WikiLeaks : “Il est trop tôt pour évaluer l’impact des ces révélations”
Haïti : René Préval, un président “têtu” au “caractère de caméléon”
WikiLeaks: l’Iran a eu des contacts avec le renseignement canadien
Khamenei aurait un cancer (document de 2009 divulgué par WikiLeaks)
L’Equateur prêt à accueillir le fondateur de Wikileaks (ministre)
Julian Assange, fondateur médiatique de WikiLeaks et icône traquée
WikiLeaks : Nicolas Sarkozy, “l’Américain”
Irak : les “ex” de Blackwater sont désormais employés par DynCorp
WikiLeaks : le “cauchemar” nucléaire pakistanais de Barack Obama
WikiLeaks : le Pakistan, un allié inconfortable dans la “guerre contre la terreur
WikiLeaks : le travail des organisations internationales en question
WikiLeaks : les réserves américaines sur la médiation de Sarkozy en Géorgie
WikiLeaks : le refroidissement américain à l’égard de la Géorgie
Affaire Clotilde Reiss : l’Elysée a exagéré la médiation de la Syrie
Moldavie : dix millions de dollars pour une alliance politique
Venezuela : les très relatives ambitions nucléaires de Hugo Chavez
Quand Washington s’inquiétait de “l’intimité” entre Caracas et Téhéran
WikiLeaks : Poutine raille la démocratie américaine
Un état omnivore, un tandem bancal, Washington analyse le pouvoir russe
WikiLeaks : Igor Setchine, mystérieux conseiller de Vladimir Poutine
WikiLeaks : les choix de M. Sarkozy pour l’Afghanistan
WikiLeaks : comment le clan Karzaï a mis Kandahar en coupe réglée
WikiLeaks : le jeu trouble de l’Iran sur le théâtre afghan
WikiLeaks : les Américains critiquent Mexico dans la lutte contre la drogue
WikiLeaks : Berlusconi, un allié imprévisible, autoritaire et affaibli
Berlusconi, l’ambassadeur de Poutine
WikiLeaks : le mandat de M. Sarkozy débute par un “affront” au roi du Maroc
WikiLeaks : Etats-Unis-Bolivie, une relation victime de l’overdose de coca
L’hébergement de WikiLeaks en France menacé
WikiLeaks : le “guide” libyen et ses sept fûts d’uranium enrichi
WikiLeaks : les “phobies” et les goûts éclectiques de Mouammar Kadhafi
WikiLeaks : la volonté affichée de M. Sarkozy de rompre avec la “Françafrique” a réjoui les Etats-Unis
WikiLeaks : les Américains critiquent Mexico dans la lutte contre la drogue
WikiLeaks : des “donateurs” privés saoudiens financent le terrorisme
WikiLeaks : Les ingérences de l’Iran en Irak tracassent les Etats-Unis
WikiLeaks : les conditions gênantes de l’exécution de Saddam Hussein
WikiLeaks : le Brésil et les États-Unis divergent sur le Vénézuélien Chavez
WikiLeaks : France-Brésil, le couple, le sous-marin nucléaire et le Rafale
WikiLeaks : l’espionnage de Google par Pékin serait “100% politique”
WikiLeaks : Asie et Occident inquiets de l’essor du nationalisme de la Chine
WikiLeaks : la volonté affichée de M. Sarkozy de rompre avec la “Françafrique” a réjoui les Etats-Unis
WikiLeaks : les plans secrets de l’OTAN pour défendre les pays baltes
WikiLeaks : l’hypocrisie diplomatique de Paris sur le régime russe épinglée
WikiLeaks : la Pologne dit que l’OTAN ne la protège pas assez des Russes
WikiLeaks : comment la Russie a accepté l’exil d’ouvriers nord-coréens
WikiLeaks : Russes et Américains font front commun contre les drogues
WikiLeaks : l’Iran envoie des armes au Hamas de Gaza, via le Soudan
WikiLeaks : les terroristes de l’AQMI sont “virtuellement à notre porte”
Le pari syrien de M. Sarkozy laisse les Américains sceptiques
WikiLeaks : la mafia russe en Europe, une pieuvre qui bénéficie de protections à Moscou
WikiLeaks : les ombres d’une campagne saoudienne
WikiLeaks : les diplomates américains pointent le régime “sclérosé” de Ben Ali en Tunisie
L’incroyable saga des T-72 ukrainiens destinés au Soudan sud
WikiLeaks : impunité totale pour les trafiquants internationaux au Kenya
WikiLeaks : la corruption au Nigeria décortiquée par la compagnie Shell
WikiLeaks : les diamants sanglants du Zimbabwe profitent aux Mugabe
WikiLeaks : les Etats-Unis minimisent l’influence d’Al-Qaida en Somalie
WikiLeaks : le “divorce” entre le président salvadorien et l’ex-guérilla
WikiLeaks : la violation des droits de l’homme à Bogota agite Washington
WikiLeaks : les mystères du bombardement du camp français de Bouaké en Côte d’Ivoire
WikiLeaks : le “cas” Charles Blé Goudé en Côte d’Ivoire
WikiLeaks : corruption et divisions à Dakar
Guinée : Comment France et Etats-Unis ont écarté le chef de la junte
WikiLeaks : En France, l’enquête sur le Rwanda était suivie en haut lieu
WikiLeaks : la Serbie soupçonne la Russie d’avoir aidé Mladic à fuir
WikiLeaks : le Kosovo, fragile “success story” américaine
WikiLeaks : l’enthousiasme de Laurent Gbagbo au souvenir de Dominique de Villepin
Wikileaks : les Américains se demandent où se trouve le cœur du pouvoir en Algérie
WikiLeaks : Rabat a rompu ses relations avec l’Iran pour plaire à Ryad
WikiLeaks : pirates informatiques contre climatologues
WikiLeaks : au Maroc, la corruption s’institutionnalise et n’épargne pas le Palais royal
WikiLeaks : faux espoirs et vrai désarroi au sommet de Copenhague sur le climat
WikiLeaks : le poids diplomatique du Vatican
WikiLeaks : “Nous avons subi des attaques d’une rare intensité”
WikiLeaks : Washington, le régime birman et le bouclier chinois
Washington s’inquiète d’un possible programme nucléaire birman
WikiLeaks : le paradis turkmène de Bouygues
WikiLeaks : dictatures et mafias d’Asie centrale
Le Pérou face à ses démons : le terrorisme et la corruption
WikiLeaks : en Égypte, l’armée ne veut pas d’une succession dynastique
WikiLeaks : l’armée égyptienne est “en déclin” mais elle reste “puissante”
Fin du secret diplomatique ?
WikiLeaks: un grand jury américain examine les charges contre Assange (avocat)
* Ukraine, la déception Timochenko
* la torture et le totalitarisme, quotidien de l’Erythrée, pays à la dérive
* la presse française vue par l’ambassade des Etats-Unis
* WikiLeaks : Cuba, une dissidence exsangue
* La “gérontocratie cubaine” hésite entre repli et dialogue avec les Etats-Unis
* La Havane : chronique d’un effondrement économique annoncé
* sur la piste de la mystérieuse LRA de Joseph Kony
* Les “mémos” de WikiLeaks font craindre le “Big Business”
* L’espoir de paix avec les Palestiniens brisé par “l’inertie” d’Israël
* Israël, la peur des voisins arabes
* armes en Irak, les estimations erronées d’Israël
* Les Etats-Unis ont intrigué pour barrer la route du GIEC à un scientifique iranien
* WikiLeaks ou la troisième révolte
* défis et limites de la transparence nova
* Les Américains divisés face à WikiLeaks nova
* Julian Assange : “C’est intéressant de voir la censure en Occident” nova

Outras Fontes:

WikiLeaks U.S. Embassy Cables: New Documents Released
WikiLeaks documents show concern over President CFK’s health
White House condemns latest WikiLeaks release
Austrália apoiará ação judicial dos EUA contra “site” de Julian Assange
Presidente do Iémen deu cobertura a atentados norte-americanos à Al-Qaeda – Wikileaks
Governo reitera “forte relação” com EUA após divulgação de documentos secretos
Novos documentos da Wikileaks são sobre “todos os grandes assuntos”
Wikileaks põe à prova relação dos EUA com os seus aliados
722 telegramas tiveram por origem a embaixada em Lisboa
Fuga do Wikileaks: Putin e Medvedev são como Batman e Robin
Wikileaks alvo de ataque informático
Parlamento Europeu quer “wikileaks” discutidos na Cimeira de Lisboa
Iraque: WikiLeaks revela vídeo com abusos
Documentos contêm opiniões “embaraçosas” sobre Cameron e Brown
Irão pode ter mísseis com capacidade de atacar a Europa (-)
ONU não comenta alegada espionagem norte-americana
Zapatero considerado um político de “curto prazo”
Israel é capaz de atacar o Irão sem a ajuda dos EUA
EUA “inquietos” com venda de navios de guerra à Rússia pela França
Documentos acusam irmão de Karzai de narcotráfico
‘Chipped’ Detainees, Iran Mega-Missiles And More in Latest WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks And The Failure Of Cyberattacks As Censorship
U.S. Chases Foreign Leaders’ DNA, WikiLeaks Shows (?)
Julian Assange Says Document Dump Targets ‘Lying, Corrupt and Murderous Leadership’
China ‘scared to death’ of Pelosi: leaked cable
Iran ‘smuggled arms’ to Hezbollah on ambulances
No guarantee against another leak: Pentagon
Wikileaks: Procuradoria espanhola nega pressões dos EUA
EUA perto de capturar número dois de Al-Qaeda
WikiLeaks: Chávez pede a demissão de Hillary Clinton
Hillary questionou saúde mental da presidente da Argentina
Os EUA não conseguem guardar segredos
Diplomacia americana irá sobreviver, mas só depois de pedir “imensas desculpas”
Uma internet ‘secreta’ a que mais de três milhões têm acesso
Terrorismo e economia dominam telegramas de Lisboa
Wikileaks: EUA pressionaram em casos judiciais em Espanha
Wikileaks. Washington atingida pelo míssil da informação secreta
“Fuga” faz subir a tensão entre as potências do Golfo Pérsico
WikiLeaks: Washington e Londres temem que material nuclear do Paquistão passe para terroristas
EUA tentaram evitar que Garzón investigasse Guantánamo
Telegrama revela pedido dos EUA a Portugal para passagem de voos da CIA
Portugal apanhado nos telegramas de presos de Guantánam +
China aceita uma reunificação pacífica das duas Coreias com capital em Seul
Washington, Seul eTóquio rejeitam proposta de Pequim
Julian Assange defende demissão de Hillary Clinton – vídeo
Documentos divulgados pela WikiLeaks não afectarão relações entre Paquistão e Estados Unidos
WikiLeaks confirms presence of US nuclear arms in Netherlands
Julian Assange Says Document Dump Targets ‘Lying, Corrupt and Murderous Leadership’
Could US military take Wikileaks offline?
Stephen Glover: Committed to transparency, so why the censorship?
In Iraq, a Very Busy Iran
Secret talks with Russia focused on missile defense
MICHAEL GOODWIN: Why Isn’t Anyone In Our Government Being Held Responsible for WikiLeaks?
WikiLeaks: Pakistan quietly approved drone attacks, U.S. special units
Real danger of WikiLeaks dump: curtailed rights
‘Small, meek’ Belgium boosted in Guantanamo charm offensive
Leaks: China knows less about N. Korea than thought
WikiLeaks website blocked behind Chinese firewall
Bush era US embassy leaked docs speak of Kirchner’s ‘divide-and-conquer’ gov’t style
One US military network cut off from cables
WikiLeaks spokesman says disclosures broke no laws
Iran’s Ahmadinejad dismisses Wikileaks cables release
Wikileaks cables leave Europe angry and irritated
Pakistan’s growing nuclear programme
Erdogan Vents Fury at Cable Claims
Surprise! U.S. diplomats ‘shocked’ by election of Pope Benedict XVI
WkiLeaks trashing Russia: Much ado about nothing

WikiLeaks or WikiLies?

Espiões cubanos deram assessoria a Chávez, mostra WikiLeaks
Hillary elogia Berlusconi para ‘apagar incêndio’ do Wikileaks
Wiki Portugal: EUA dizem que é vantajoso continuar a “acariciar” Luís Amado

Wikileaks: Cuba acolheu membros da ETA e das FARC
Wikileaks: MNE «nada tem a acrescentar» sobre voos da CIA
Rússia descrita como um “Estado mafioso” nos documentos secretos divulgados pela WikiLeaks
Espanha nega conivência com voos da CIA
Wikileaks: Lula da Silva critica EUA pela fuga de documentos
Wikileaks revela críticas americanas às tropas britânicas no Afeganistão
Argentina está inundada com dinheiro da droga, revelam documentos da WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks mudou-se para a Suíça após “apagão” de seis horas
Rússia descrita como um “Estado mafioso” nos documentos secretos divulgados pela WikiLeaks
Lula considera referências ao Brasil “insignificantes”
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange ‘taking precautions’ after death threats
The Empire has no clothes: WikiLeaks, dirty face of U.S. diplomacy
Pakistan rejects WikiLeaks disclosures
WikiLeaks release: US diplomats redefine “diplomatic”
WikiLeaks: public enemy number one
Colonel condemns leaks about army in Afghanistan
WikiLeaks moves site to Switzerland amid US fury
US leaked documents ‘betray the trust of every country,’ Correa
Russia says leaked cables show US cynicism
Hillary Clinton calls President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, ‘explains WikiLeaks situation’
‘We do not spy on others,’ US Embassy official says
Cables show U.S. envoy warned of bribes in arms case
Pakistanis: WikiLeaks proves leaders are U.S. puppets
Red faces in Latin America as WikiLeaks reveals foibles
A counter-productive WikiLeak
Cabo Verde “apanhado” no caso WikiLeaks
Suecos apertam o cerco a fugas da WikiLeaks
‘Site’ de Asssange perseguido em todo o mundo
É um sonho para os historiadores, mas não vai revolucionar a história
Iémen assumiu responsabilidade de operações americanas contra Al-Qaeda
Governo de Paris quer expulsar o site de servidores franceses
WikiLeaks: Fundador avisa que “partes principais” dos telegramas serão reveladas se algo lhe acontecer
WikiLeaks apela à criação de “sites-espelho”
«Aqui em Portugal há uma força que nos assusta»
Os famosos cinco jornais e a aventura da WikiLeaks
Hillary Clinton tenta reparar danos
Punish WikiLeaks source ‘vigorously,’ Saudi royal says
Leaders debate, but do not condemn WikiLeaks scandal at Ibero-American Summit
Newt Gingrich On WikiLeaks: ‘Obama Admin So Shallow And Amateurish At National Security It Is Dangerous’
US diplomats may be out in the cold for a while
US memo: EU doesn’t believe in Afghan success
McConnell: WikiLeaks Head a High-Tech Terrorist
WikiLeaks: Julian Assange’s lawyer denounces Swedish arrest warrant as ‘political stunt’
Flood of information from WikiLeaks could be good the United States
Turkish Minister Retaliates Against WikiLeaks Claims
WikiLeaks Cables Show Russia ‘Reset’ Is All That Mattered to U.S.
WikiLeaks revelou lista secreta de locais estratégicos para Estados Unidos
Londres condena divulgação de locais mais sensíveis a ataques terroristas
WikiLeaks força EUA a vasta rotação diplomática
Austrália apoiará Julian Assange
Assange making arrangements to meet police, lawyer says
WikiLeaks: net closes on Julian Assange as Scotland Yard receive full arrest papers
Senators unveil anti-WikiLeaks bill
Swiss cut off bank account for WikiLeaks’ Assange
Hundreds of WikiLeaks Mirror Sites Appear
Wikileaks cables likely to strain China-US ties more
WikiLeaks Reveals Powerful Chinese Government Official Admitted China’s GDP Figures Are Unreliable
WikiLeaks: NATO tinha planos para proteger países bálticos de eventual ameaça russa
Wikileaks: “Não matem o mensageiro por revelar verdades incómodas”
Gasoduto que serve Portugal protegido pelos americanos
U.S. dilemma: No easy way to charge Assange
WikiLeaks blows whistle on NATO’s plans against Russia
WikiLeaks sobrevive sem Assange
“WikiLeaks marca a definição de como se constrói poder na Net
Wikileaks: audiência de Amado perturbada por incidente relativo à falta de meios de som
Rússia sugere fundador da Wikileaks para Prémio Nobel
Ministro australiano dos Negócios Estrangeiros culpa EUA pelas fugas da WikiLeaks
Assange vai ter advogado de renome na defesa dos direitos humanos
Wikileaks: Extradição de Assange para a Suécia é o desfecho mais provável
PayPal admite pressão do Governo dos EUA
WikiLeaks: Gebuza e Chissano financiados pelo narcotráfico

Site do Governo sueco atacado por piratas informáticos

Wiki Portugal: Carlos Coelho pede ao Parlamento Europeu que reaprecie “dossiê CIA”

Aumentam vozes em defesa de Assange
Empresário moçambicano nega ligações ao narcotráfico
Droga passa por Maputo para ser distribuída na Europa e África do Sul
As mulheres que tramaram Julian Assange
Analysis: WikiLeaks battle: a new amateur face of cyber war?
Assange’s ‘poison pill’ file impossible to stop, expert says
Wikileaks: Stop Us? You’ll Have to Shut Down the Web
Berkeley may pass resolution honoring Army private who gave classified docs to Wikileaks
For WikiLeaks founder Assange, a life of secrets and shadows
Moscow demands explanations from NATO over WikiLeaks report
Nobel Prize could protect WikiLeaks founder – Kremlin source
16-Year-Old Arrested For Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks
WikiLeaks: Burma Nuclear Sites Being Secretly Built
WikiLeaks Exposes US Attempt To Trade Sunken Gold for Nazi Loot
Anna Ardin, Julian Assange Rape Accuser, May Have Ceased Pursuing Claims
Wikileaks revela que Chávez pediu 1,1 mil milhões ao BES
Lula: prisão do fundador da Wikileaks é acto “contra a liberdade de expressão”

Joaquim Chissano: «Documentos sobre narcotráfico são mentira grossa»
Paulo Portas condena divulgação de correspondência diplomática
Wikileaks distancia-se da “guerra cibernética” de apoio a Julian Assange
WikiLeaks: Cabo Verde nega instalação de base militar dos EUA
WikiLeaks: Embaixada EUA em Maputo diz que Governos estão em contacto
Birmânia constrói complexo para fabricar armas nucleares
Moçambique é nova rota do narcotráfico na África-WikiLeaks
Houve uma revolta popular online em defesa da WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks: Em vez de zombies, desta vez há activistas
Pfizer terá pago a procurador para desistir de processo
Pirata informático: Ataques contra sites “vão continuar”
Maputoleaks: diretor da alfândega anda «desligado»
WikiLeaks Touches Shell
Ron Paul Defends WikiLeaks On House Floor (VIDEO)
Internet Press Vulnerable After WikiLeaks
Former Croatian prime minister arrested in Austria
KKK OK but not WikiLeaks for some payment processors
U.S. pressured Russia on behalf of Visa and Mastercard
Of Wikileaks, Whistleblowers and Whipping Boys
Catalunha: maior centro mediterrânico de radicais islâmicos
Amazon barra Wikileaks mas vende documentos
WikiLeaks: EUA consideram o Vaticano fechado e provinciano
WikiLeaks: EUA vão pedir extradição de Assange, dizem advogados
WikiLeaks expõe diplomacia e críticas à postura do Vaticano
Putin Slams West for Wikileaks’ Assange Arrest
Wikileaks: Obama critica “actos irresponsáveis” da organização
Compra de mísseis por Venezuela preocupa EUA, diz WikiLeaks
Presidente do BCP propôs passar informações +
Sócrates visto como um “líder teso”
Os líderes portugueses aos olhos dos EUA +
Apoiantes de Julian Assange concentram-se por todo o mundo, incluindo Lisboa
Barroso debate fugas da WikiLeaks com eurodeputados
Anonymous ameaça atacar sistema judicial britânico
WikiLeaks: Brasília é vulnerável a atentado terrorista
Diplomatas revelam que Sócrates permitiu aos EUA utilizar as Lajes para repatriar presos de Guantánamo
WikiLeaks: Rússia seguia alegados assassinos de Litvinenko antes da sua morte
BCP não comenta possibilidade de Santos Ferreira ter quebrado sigilo bancário
Wikileaks: Assange afirma que EUA o querem processar por espionagem — Documentário
Wikileaks: Diplomatas EUA destacam “apatia eleitoral” e divergência interna nos partidos — El Pais
Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States +
WikiPortugal: BCP nega ‘espionagem’ ao Irão
WikiPortugal: Sócrates desconhece atividade do BCP no Irão
Manuel Alegre: deviam ter dito que eu era uma velha águia e não velho leão
BCP confirma visita a Teerão com conhecimento do Banco de Portugal
BCP diz que Banco de Portugal travou relações com o Irão
EUA envolvem Parceiro da CGD e do BPI no tráfico de droga
Governo insiste que não houve repatriamento de detidos de Guantánamo
Correspondência diplomática é secreta porque visa defender o interesse dos Estados – Paulo Portas
Cavaco sobre Chavez: “Sabemos que é um homem louco, mas …”
Wikileaks: Turquemenistão é «paraíso» para Bouygues
Opposition leader: Cables show Iran ‘vulnerable’
BHP Billiton tried to stop Chinese deal with Rio Tinto – Wikileaks
Society and the world, after Julian Assange
Special Report: Julian Assange versus the world
Santos Ferreira: “Não é uma boa história para o BCP”
Polícia britânica encontrou provas contra os McCann. Ex-inspector reage
Wikileaks: Cavaco supreendido com fragilidade do sistema de segurança dos EUA
Fundador do WikiLeaks faz acusações antes de audência em Londres
McCann desvalorizam telegrama divulgado pelo Wikileaks
Gonçalo Amaral espera ver imagens de satélite
Inglaterra propôs resgate da banca seis meses antes da falência do Lehman
Santos Ferreira não teme efeito do “Wikigate” na reeleição
WikiLeaks expôs linhas ténues entre política e multinacionais +
* Santos Ferreira explicou-se ontem ao embaixador do Irão
* Documentos só serão válidos se EUA os confirmarem +
* Apoiantes cerram fileiras por Assange no dia em que vai a tribunal
* Ex-French official wary of climate deal +
* Michael Moore Says He Made $20K Available for Julian Assange’s Bail
* Revelações do WikiLeaks não dão para reabrir caso Maddie
* Moore dá 20 mil euros a Assange para pagar caução
* Wikileaks: El País cria redacção secreta para tratar informação
* Presidente russo: Serviços secretos devem aproveitar revelações do Wikileaks
* Fundador do WikiLeaks arrecadou metade da fiança, diz advogado
* Força Aérea norte-americana proíbe o acesso às informações publicadas pelo Wikileaks
* U.S. v. WikiLeaks: espionage and the First Amendment
* WikiLeaks: Julian Assange rape case ‘abuse’ of legal process and will fail, court told
* US tried to recruit Bollywood to stop British Muslims being radicalised
* Cuba to launch Ecured, a Wikipedia-like database
* Chavez angry China on-sold cheap Venezuelan oil, says leaked memo
* WikiLeaks hactivists look to improve attack software
* Amado reafirma que não autorizou voos da CIA
* Diplomata admite ter comparado Ana Gomes a rottweiler
* Ana Gomes comparada a um “rottweiler à solta”
* Sócrates e Amado cederam a pressão dos EUA
* Fidel quase morreu em 2006 com uma hemorragia
* Plataforma petrolífera da BP explodiu em 2008 no Azerbeijão
* Famosos unem-se para pagar fiança de Assange
* Ingleses suspeitos de esconder provas no caso Maddie
* Cardeal: Wikileaks prova que “políticos não dizem tudo” +
* Guantánamo: Amado diz que “não há nenhuma prova de que tenha havido cumplicidade” lol
* WikiLeaks: Amado diz que Sócrates está a ser alvo de um “ataque pessoalizado” lol
* “Não vale a pena negar. O que está lá escrito aconteceu” +
* EUA buscam prova de conspiração contra fundador do WikiLeaks-NYT
* ‘I hope to continue my work’: Rape-charge WikiLeaks chief freed on bail after supporters raise £240,000 surety
* UK police investigate WikiLeaks supporters
* Assange says there is a ‘lot more to come’
* WikiLeaks – U.S. efforts to undermine the influence of Chavez
* We are all Julian Assange
* Ana Gomes: investigações nunca deveriam ter sido encerradas
* Embaixador americano disse ter sido informado sobre inquérito da PGR
* EUA deram “garantias possíveis” de que voos da CIA não passaram por território nacional
* WikiLeaks revela desencanto dos EUA com dissidentes cubanos
* WikiLeaks não cometeu delitos na Austrália, diz polícia
* Ana Gomes: governo cria confusão para fugir a responsabilidades
* Balibo five: our secret blacklist
* Labor suffers in WikiLeaks backlash
* US suspects top officials behind activist’s murder
* WikiLeaks: The Impact on Turkish-U.S. Relations and Turkey’s Domestic Politics
* Ban: WikiLeaks ‘unfortunate’ for international diplomacy
* Bangladesh intelligence backed Islamists’ political wing
* Wikileaks: presidente sudanês desviou 9 mil milhões de dólares
* Soares estranha “fuga imensa de notícias” em que “nada é contra a América, é tudo contra os outros”
* McCann: telegramas do WikiLeaks são ‘alegações infundadas
* Bank of America suspende as transacções para o WikiLeaks
* Assange: É “provável” ser extraditado para os EUA
* ONU propôs um acordo a Mugabe para este se retirar em 2000 +
* Wikileaks compromete Sócrates
* Assange fala dos dias na prisão e das ameaças de morte
* WikiLeaks: Denúncia de tentativa de venda de urânio em Portugal
* Joe Biden admite que EUA estão a estudar forma de acusar Assange
* Material radioactivo americano guardado sem protecção
* Material americano abandonado dava para fazer bombas
* ‘Ex-general russo’ que vivia em Portugal vendia urânio
* EUA tentaram evitar que Sacyr vencesse projecto do Canal do Panamá
* Assange responde a Joe Biden: “Quem é o terrorista?”
* Julian Assange: “Recebo ameaças de morte a toda a hora”
* PGR de Moçambique diz não haver motivos para investigar Presidente
* WikiLeaks details unsuccessful U.S. efforts to modernize Cairo’s military strategy
* CIA launches task force to assess impact of U.S. cables’ exposure by WikiLeaks
* Wikileaks To Target Bank Of America In Next Release
* Julian Assange Lashes Out In New Interview
* U.S. secrets that tarnish its image before the world
* CIA preocupada com Wikileaks lança task-force
* Esquadrão da morte do Bangladeche treinada por governo inglês
* The truth lies trapped in a web of intrigue
* US slammed NZ MP’s Fahrenheit 9/11 outing
* WikiLeaks reveals NATO attack plan against Russia
* Assange admite ser morto na prisão se for extraditado nova
* Como Suharto convenceu os EUA a deixarem-no invadir Timor nova +
* WikiLeaks: Telegramas revelam que Camberra trabalhou com Jacarta para gerir caso do massacre de Balibó nova
* Assange: sexo, dinheiro, documentos secretos e autobiografia nova


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