Outras Notícias do Dia 09/11/2010


Ferreira Leite diz que Portugal está a perder independência ao vender activos para pagar dívida
Organizações mundiais querem travar poderio das agências de rating
Portugal mantém taxa de desemprego em Setembro, a 5.ª mais elevada da OCDE
Barclays lucra menos 76% no terceiro trimestre
Ouro atinge 1 416 dólares renovando recorde histórico
Juros da dívida nos 7%, o limite para chamar o FMI
“Fusão entre BCP e BPI faz mais sentido agora do que nunca”
Europa isola ainda mais EUA na guerra cambial +
Ministro das Finanças grego preocupado com dupla recessão
China to Tighten Control on Inflows of Overseas Funds +
Chinese Credit Rater Downgrades U.S.
The Myth of Record-High Gold +
Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Struggle To Put Food On The Table, Survey Finds
Fed Will ‘Self Destruct,’ Policy ‘Deeply Flawed’: Ron Paul
Roubini: Here’s Why a Gold Standard Won’t Work +
Gold, Commodities, Dollar Soar as Europe Fears Rise Again
Ireland’s new toxic loans will spark social conflict, says economist +++
Global finance leaders warn on QE2 +
Believe It Or Not, Corporate Profits Are Hitting An All Time High Right Now
ENTREVISTA-Se G20 falhar, câmbio pode gerar “guerra comercial” +
Gold dives off record
Anglo finance on the march ++


Berlim fez acordo com Rússia para armazenar detritos nucleares nos Urais
Governo quer repensar benefícios concedidos pela ADSE ++
Look out, your medicine is watching you ++
A Novel Tactic in Climate Fight Gains Some Traction
Science Says Methane in PA. Water Is from Drilling, Not Natural Causes +
Corrosion Warnings at BP Facilities in Alaska: Here’s What the Data Mean +
Shocking legacy of ‘uranium poisonings’ haunts Obama’s looming mining decision
Gulf Oil Plumes Still a Threat? +
US oil spill inquiry chief slams BP’s ‘culture of complacency’
Forced use of biofuels could hit food production, EU warned ++


Nato: Cimeira vai implicar uso de novos tipos de armamento ++
Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast
Pentagon Has ‘No Clue’ Who Launched SoCal Missile
Obama: Israel construction plans unhelpful
Netanyahu Sharply Insists on Building in Jerusalem
No Charges in Destruction of C.I.A. Interrogation Tapes
Breaking down Internet privacy legislation
7/7 inquests: Home Office challenges openness of hearings
CHART OF THE DAY: And The Energy Source Of The Future Is… +
Demand on power grows 2.2 percent annually from 2008 to 2035
Anti-NATO summit in Portugal


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