Outras Notícias do Dia 20/09/2010


Desemprego: perto de 5 mil pessoas perto de perder subsídio
Contas bancárias vistas à lupa para ter subsídios
Spreads no crédito à habitação triplicam em dois anos
Onça de ouro bate máximo histórico nos 1.283,25 dólares +
11 bancos multados em 385 milhões em França por cobrança de taxa ilegal
BES e BPI pedem 400 milhões de euros ao BEI +
Possível venda de activos do BCP para satisfazer requisitos de capital é “neutral a positiva” +
Corte nos apoios sociais abranda subida da despesa
Europe’s €440bn rescue fund wins AAA just in time ++
Eurocracy Fiddles While Continent’s Economy Declines
Greek Sovereign Default Would Be a `Tragedy,’ Papandreou Says
Honohan Says Irish Government Must Cut Deficit at Faster Pace +
U.N. struggles to prove its relevance
$60 trillion in debt ++
Netanyahu Gets The Cold Shoulder From Brussels
The “Q Ratio” Reveals That The Stock Market Is At Least 41% Overvalued +
The PIIGS Are Being Crucified On A Eurotrash Gold Standard
Bond Markets Get Riskier
We Already Need a Sequel to Basel III +
Greek Central Bank Postpones Stress Tests on Country’s Lenders +
UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First ++


EUA/Maré Negra: Poço de petróleo da BP foi declarado extinto
Britain vulnerable to space nuclear attack or ‘solar flare’ storm, conference told

Climate Deal in Cancun May Hinge on Companies Lobbying, UN’s Figueres Say
Environmental Groups Sue European Union for Lack of Biofuels Transparency ++
Shell, UN to Back $100 Million Plan for Clean Energy Cookstoves
UN Carbon-Dioxide Premium for 2010 Widens as Board Scrutinizes HFC Credits
Emissions Group IETA `Disappointed’ by Regulator Decision on HFC Requests +
Japanese firm patents cold water-pumping submarines to reduce strength of typhoons
Indian researchers develop protein-packed potato
A drug with gills? U.S. agency reshapes debate on biotech fish +
Modified Salmon: Miracle Food or “Frankenfish”?
Why Big Business Is Defending California’s Climate Regulations +
Seeing red as acid leaks in east China
Mining’s Final Frontier ++
Extreme Heat Puts Coral Reefs at Risk, Forecasts Say


Bacia de Santos pode conter mais 20 mil milhões barris crude
FBI probes were improper, Justice says +
‘Most Germans Don’t Want Nuclear Power’
Arabs seek to challenge Israel’s nuclear program at energy summit
Russia does not plan to deploy troops in Arctic – envoy
Special report: Tracking Iran’s nuclear money trail to Turkey
FBI Director Robert Mueller Gave False Testimony On Surveillance Due To Clumsy Cover-Up By Field Office


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