Outras Notícias do Dia 13/09/2010


FMI: “Ainda não estamos a salvo” +
Desemprego: subida tem sido constante nos últimos 35 anos
“Reestruturação da dívida seria catastrófica para a economia”
Plano de contabilidade no Estado está atrasado 13 anos
Recessão mundial já destruiu 30 milhões de empregos
Portugal devolve fundos de apoio ao desemprego
Investors move toward bond funds
Factbox: Reaction to Basel III bank capital rules
IMF says risks to global growth have intensified +
Shareholders Cheer New Banking Regulations
Brave New Banking World, Same as the Old One +
E.U. Pushes for Bigger Voice at U.N.
China Plans to Introduce Credit-Default Swaps by Year-End, Official Says
A Radical Proposal On Basel III: Maybe We Should Just Ignore It
Stephen Foley: Congress must realise America is on the verge of a fresh economic crisis
Le Monde daily files legal complaint against Sarkozy office
Royal pressure ‘led to FoI ban on disclosure of lobbying by Charles’ +


Rich-world diseases could hijack poor world’s biotech +
Fish and chips to help predict sea life future
US scientists learn how to levitate tiny objects
Analysis: EU Q4 carbon price set to peak at 18 eur/t
Cereals Rot in the Rain While the Poor Stay Hungry
Who gains profit from global warming myth?
Health care industry is all about making as much money as possible
BP well threatens ancient Libyan sites
Death and Chocolate +
Depression Drugs Affect Personality
The Arctic oil rush +
‘A Fatal Message that Will Resound Beyond Germany’


AI denuncia violações dos direitos humanos no Iraque
ONG condena suspensão de sms em Moçambique ++
Iran’s ‘invisible man’ runs terror net
Big plans at southern Iraqi oil field
Russia absorbing Ukraine, leader says
Saudi Arms Deal Advances
U.N. nuclear body, Iran clash over barred inspectors
New Australia climate minister backs coal: report
Israeli PM: Current settlement curbs won’t remain +
Bad Economy Drives Down American Arms Sales
Mandela ‘breathed fire’ over Britain’s role in Iraq
British troops suspected of trafficking heroin out of Afghanistan
Heroin-smuggling allegations ‘unfounded,’ Canadian Forces say
MoD silence raises fears of custody deaths in Afghanistan
Ex-CIA Agents Confirm Torture at Polish Black Site


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