Outras Notícias do Dia 09/09/2010


Nevada Goes Bust
Economists further scale back U.S. growth outlook
Fed Banks: `Widespread Signs of a Deceleration’ in Economy
EU Probes Hidden Greek Deals as 400% Yield Gap Shows Doubt ++
Bankers to Feds: Pull the Plug on Fannie and Freddie
Prosecutor Declares New Front in War on Wall Street Fraud
Merkel rejects Barroso’s EU tax and ‘eurobond’proposals
The Man Responsible for Saving the Euro +
European Crisis Flares Up in Ireland
Housing market looks gloomy, warn builders and mortgage lenders
Obama: US can’t afford to extend tax cuts for rich
Competitividade: Portugal igual à Lituânia
Nuno Melo recusa que indústria têxtil portuguesa seja usada como «moeda de troca» para beneficiar Paquistão +
Eurodeputados contra tratado anti-pirataria
Fitch vê uma possível nova recessão como o maior risco para o défice do Estado
OCDE constata “abrandamento da retoma” e “aumento da incerteza”
Teixeira dos Santos diz que Portugal «não vai entrar em incumprimento»
Gastos públicos cresceram 6,3% no segundo trimestre
Blair Memoir a Hit, Despite a Few Hard Knocks
Stimulus move set to shake up market +
Britain facing a wave of repossesions, warns S&P


Idle Iron, Vital Workers +
Transocean: BP probe ‘self-serving’ and misleading
New Carbon Markets May Pose `Serious Challenge’ to UN Program, Envoy Says
BASF blames ‘human error’ for GM crop contamination in Sweden +
The Brain Speaks: Scientists Decode Words from Brain Signals
Fighting Dirty Water Is World’s New Ecological Battle
BP Will Find National Commission far Tougher
Vitamin B supplements could delay onset of Alzheimer’s, says study
Oxburgh: UEA vice-chancellor was wrong to tell MPs he would investigate climate research +
World’s smallest seahorse faces extinction after BP oil spill
Suncor Energy faces millions of dollars in fines for water runoff into Athabasca River
Debate over mini-Ice Age rocks world of geology
US asks firms to reveal gas extraction liquid


Challenge to CIA renditions dismissed +
U.S. training in Yemen reflects wider quest
Clinton Says U.S. Working to Prevent Potential Sudan Oil Violence in 2011
US soldiers ‘killed Afghan civilians for sport and collected fingers as trophies’ +
Fallout seen in arrest of Chinese trawler captain


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