Outras Notícias do Dia 27/08/2010


De anémico a apreensivo +
Roach: Double Dip Coming but Who Knows Why?
Ex-SEC Chief Levitt: Muni Market Massacre Is Coming
Savings plummet as debt repayment rises
Global Economy Needs Zero-Percent Rates Solution: Mark Gilbert
Economia dos EUA continua vulnerável a “desenvolvimentos inesperados”
Fed pronta para mais acção se economia «empatar»
Roubini: “Não é possível evitar o abrandamento da economia dos EUA” +
Paul Krugman: “Isto, em circunstância alguma, pode ser considerado uma recuperação”
“Os investidores estão hoje mais desinformados”
Portugal paga quase o triplo da Alemanha para emitir dívida
Finibanco lucra 1,3 milhões com forte contributo de Angola
O programa e-escolas já chegou à Wikileaks
The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Government in U.S. History
Mullen: National Debt is a Security Threat
Analyst: Citigroup Is Cooking the Books +
Feldstein Sees `Significant Risk’ of Recession Again
Barclays Adviser on Lehman Deal Got $10 Million Fee
India Risks Nuclear Isolation With Break From Chernobyl Accord
Economic Armageddon: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Double Dip is Here!
Banks’ Self-Dealing Super-Charged Financial Crisis ++
Thousands seeking help with mortgages jam Palm Beach County Convention Center


Finland Suspends H1N1 Vaccine +
Experts: Drilling Ban Worked, May Not Be Needed
Colombians evacuated as Galeras volcano erupts
Wheat genome may help tackle food shortages
Farmer wants to sell clone milk as specialty
The Mystery of the Vanishing Squid in South Atlantic
Is Fracking Even Worse Than Drilling? +
Fish Kills Worry Gulf Scientists, Fishers, Environmentalists
Sao Tome and Principe at Oil Bonanza Crossroads
Sun storm to hit with ‘force of 100m bombs’ +
‘Mission Accomplished’ Declared On Gulf Spill, But The Oil Remains (VIDEO) +


Iran to Russia: Let’s establish a nuclear consortium
Iran says it’s ready to sell arms to Lebanon
U.S. Weighs Expanded Strikes in Yemen
Egypt Power Cuts Deepen Suffering In Fasting Month
Environmental lobby group WWF says the public wants the Government to act now to avert the dwindling availability of oil in coming years.
UK faces new wave of homegrown attacks – report
Climate Failures May Stoke Record Coal Trading: Energy Markets
LNEG estuda potencial geotérmico da Madeira
‘Israel ready to destroy Lebanese Army in four hours’
CIA making secret payments to members of Karzai administration
UNdenies reports Kagame threatened to pull out of Darfur – Summary
Berlin backpedals on tax plans for nuclear energy firms
North Korea’s Kim Makes Powerful Juche Step as Pyongyang Suffocates
Lies About Iraq are the Focus of U.S. Strategy


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