Outras Notícias do Dia – 21/08/2010


Nearly 50 percent leave Obama mortgage-aid program
ALL BUSINESS: Big Investors Go for Gold, Bonds
Gestão da Caixa estuda criação do cargo de ‘chairman’
BPN reduz prejuízos para metade
BCE vai discutir retirada das medidas anti-crise em 2011
Banco de Portugal vai anular regras “inadmissíveis” nos créditos +
Tribunais ‘chumbam’ Autoridade da Concorrência +
EUA somam 114 falências bancárias este ano
Feds Shut Down Big Chicago Bank, 7 Others
‘Wall Street Bankers Are Not Pure Evil’
Spill Fund May Prove as Challenging as 9/11 Payments
Fund Flows Show An Enormous Panic


High-tech carts will tell on Cleveland residents who don’t recycle … and they face $100 fine
WHO calls for monitoring of new superbug
UN Board Could Rein in $2.7 Billion Carbon Market
Growers: USDA must act, prevent sugar supply issue +
One German Town’s Fight against CO2 Capture Technology
Superbug case confirmed at Ontario hospital
Japan to swap energy technology for CO2 offsets +
Transocean says BP withholding information
Lung Cancer Patients Lived Longer With Palliative Care in Study ++
Carbon Profit Grows on Trees as Kiwi Farmers Ditch Sheep +
AP Enterprise: Spill bound BP, feds together +
Ocean pH


Israel tells UN it will stop Gaza aid flotilla
Lebanon refuses to bow to Israeli warning on Gaza boat
Why was terrorist Talb cleared over Lockerbie?
Iran broadcasts missile launch on state television
Former Blackwater Firm to Pay U.S. Fine
WikiLeaks founder Assange wanted in Sweden for rape
Prosecutors withdraw arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder
‘The Invasion of Iraq Was Wrong, Unjust and Damaging’ +
The Breakdown: What is the True Cost of Gas?
WikiLeaks Lawyer Says Pentagon Given Access to Unpublished Secret Documents +
What went wrong in Iraq? Most things. +
Japan alarmed by China’s policy on rare metals +
NUCLEAR ENERGY 1/ Can Japan sell nuclear power to the Middle East?
NUCLEAR ENERGY 2/ Why would oil-rich nations opt to adopt nuclear power? +
Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria
NATO strikes kill Afghan police and civilians
UN says dialogue with Israel on human rights is ‘difficult’


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