Outras Notícias do Dia – 20/08/2010


Message to Basel—Another way to Avoid Bank Bailouts
Greece’s Summer of Discontent
The Treasury Bond Bubble: A Survival Guide for Investors
Banca abre guerra pelos depósitos dos portugueses
Alemanha deve abrandar nos próximos trimestres
Banca empresta mais 24 M€ à Administração Regional e Local
Portugal irá perder 6 posições no ranking do PIB per capita até 2015
Patrões querem o adiamento do Código Contributivo
Congress warned of further gloom for US economy
Inquiry exposes massive Israeli media manipulation campaign in US +
BP fund-seekers might have to waive right to sue
U.S. deficit forecast masks true scope of problem +
Flight to “safety” eases China diversification
Goldman Sachs Goes Nuclear, May Sell Uranium: Report


Government to overhaul bioterror and pandemic flu plans
Why Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing in a Warmer World
Estados devem financiar pesquisa de antibióticos contra “superbactérias” +
Moon may be shrinking, US scientists say – Summary
EU seal ban put on ice
Atlantic ‘garbage patch’ discovered +
Protest at ‘macabre’ pilot whale slaughter +
RBS faces wrath of climate activists
U.S. farmers oppose EPA’s proposed dust regulation +
BP Well Manager Said No Warning of Blowout Before Disaster +
Cheese recalled over metal shards


Russia, Armenia sign military cooperation pact through 2044
Despite new mission, US troops still in the fight in Iraq
U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent +
We released Abdelbaset al-Megrahi in good faith, says Alex Salmond
Scientists Simulate Terror Attack on Boston Subway
Arctic policy priority No. 1: settle border disputes
Iran to enrich uranium for Bushehr plant
“No threats can stop Bushehr nuclear plant launch”
Iraq: What Will the Remaining 50,000 U.S. Troops Do? +
Robert Fisk: US troops say goodbye to Iraq +
Big Bets Laid Down on Pulling Oil Out of Rocks +

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