Outras Notícias do Dia – 19/08/2010


Tensions Rise in Greece as Austerity Measures Backfire
Turkish Prime Minister, Business Lobby Face Off
Países nórdicos deverão enfrentar crise no sector imobiliário
Portugal atrás de Espanha e Grécia na lista dos melhores países
Portugal agenda nova emissão de obrigações no valor de 1.250 milhões
Conjuntura: Economia mundial cresce mais do dobro da Europa até 2012 – Economist Intelligence Unit
Bruxelas «pede acordo político» para OE português
Construção diz que esperança na retoma “já começou a morrer”
Lei não obriga à integração dos falsos recibos verdes +
Budget deficit ‘declines’ to $1.3 trillion
US Economy Showing More Signs Recovery Is Slowing
Western Economies Face Hyperinflation: Gold Bull +
Goldman Sues French Bank over Credit Default Swaps
US Banks to Benefit from New Basel Rules on Capital +
CBO warns on deficit threat to US growth
Bank of Scotland pulls out of Ireland +
Fresh US recovery fears hit risky assets +
The Erosion of America’s Middle Class
Bullard says Fed may need to buy more Treasuries


On the frontline of climate change
Forte quebra na produção nacional de cereais
Quase 100 mil hectares de regadio público ultrapassaram o seu tempo de vida útil
Wildfires Decimate Russian Bat Population
Gulf Oil Spill: Full NOAA Report On Amount Of Oil In Gulf Won’t Be Released For MONTHS +
BP Accused of Withholding Data on Oil Spill +
BP Says It Will Spend $52 Million for Mental Health Care in the Gulf Region
Tanzania: Highway threatens Serengeti migration +
BP oil spill: scientists find giant plume of droplets ‘missed’ by official account +
Fallout from Russia’s Fires: The Ashes of Chernobyl?


Are risks from WikiLeaks overstated by government?
Obama’s pledge to close down Guantanamo is ‘not even close’
Tensions rising over China’s aircraft carrier quest
Iran’s leader calls on US to change approach before resuming talks +
Other countries probing Bush-era torture — Why aren’t we?
Última brigada de combate norte-americana retira-se do Iraque
Germany drops all charges over military bombing of Afghan truck
Lebanon to start licensing gas exploration in 2012, says minister
US troops surprise with early withdrawal from Iraq
Radio Frequency Identification Tags: Identity Theft Danger or Modern Aid? +
Last U.S. Combat Brigade Pulls Out Of Iraq
Military Strike Could Delay, Not Stop, Iran’s Nuclear Program, Officials Say +
Fueling Iran’s Nuclear Power Plant
CIA forms new center to combat nuclear arms, WMDs
Will there be an attack on Iran? +
Iraq: US Still Needs Deal with Iran
Iran sanctions challenge S. Korea to balance U.S. alliance, economic interests
‘Google Knows More about Us than the KGB, Stasi or Gestapo’
Energy Entrepreneurs: The little plant that could
U.S. withdrawal not end to mission in Iraq

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