Outras Notícias do Dia – 18/08/2010


Portugal emite mais do que previsto perante forte queda nos juros de curto prazo
Brasil ultrapassa Espanha e já é 8ª maior economia do mundo
Richard Koo: The Global Slowdown Is Getting Worse
Time is running out for the West
US oil speculators fined for $100-a-barrel “vanity trade” +
How The Unemployment Crisis Has Swept Across America (VIDEO)
Global Deficits Will Create $4.5 Trillion in New Debt: Hedge Fund Manager +
Europe Slowdown to Follow U.K.
Chávez promulga lei que modifica mercado de valores na Venezuela
Germany Ignores Soros as Exports Boom at Consumers’ Expense
China Doubles Korea Bond Holdings as Asia Switches From Dollar +
Warren sits down with big bank lobbyists
É altura de vender obrigações da zona euro, diz o RBS +
Portugal paga mais 14% para emitir dívida a 12 meses
Financiamento: Portugal arrisca maior dificuldade no 2ºS10
18 Signs That America Is Rotting Right In Front Of Our Eyes


Cameron quer privatizar parques naturais +
Especulação marca o ritmo nas commodities +
Tartarugas continuam a dar à costa +
Possible Discovery of Earliest Animal Life Pushes Back Fossil Record
EPA, Bayer agree to phase out pesticide
Asia’s rice production threatened
Oil spill related mental health claims: Should BP have to pay up?
CSL Projects Profit Drop as Swine Flu Pandemic Ends, Cutting Vaccine Sales
Illegal garbage shipment from Germany seized in Brazil +
Ailing 9/11 responders slam President Obama: Focus on Zadroga health bill, not Ground Zero mosque

Toxic oil levels found in key Gulf breeding zone, scientists say +
Something’s not right about this California water deal
Julie Burchill: So the Prince of Green Hypocrites is going on tour. Thank God I’ll be abroad
USF Scientists: Gulf Oil in Deep Undersea Canyon +
When Kids Become Adults…at Seven


Do fabrico do uísque se retira combustível automóvel

Acordo que permite que aos EUA utilizar bases militares colombianas foi declarado inconstitucional
Serviços de segurança israelita negam ligação a palestiniano que se barricou
Sarkozy’s Right-Wing Rubicon +
Wall Street Reform Will Squeeze ‘Conflict Minerals’
US military says it opposes use of force in South China Sea territorial dispute
Israel realiza ataques aéreos na Faixa de Gaza
South Korean Probe Unlikely to Settle Dispute over Warship Sinking
Iran seeks deeper African relations
Sudan Targets 35% Jump in Oil Output as European, Arab Investment Increase +
Iran’s secret pipeline into the U.S.
U.S. still holds detainee Pentagon wanted freed in 2004 +
Israel’s infamous spooks have met their match
Bassam Aramin’s search for justice
Sudan to deport foreign NGO workers

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