Outras Notícias do Dia – 09/08/2010


The AIG Bailout Scandal +
Quarterbacks Get Out ‘Hail Mary’ Economy Passes
Dollar Poised for Further Declines
Robert Rubin Warns Against Destabilizing Effects Of Another Stimulus
New Zealand welfare system out of control, report says
World Bank boss heading to Eastern Europe
Gloomy outlook expected from Bank of England
City bonuses jump 25pc to £10bn +
Real Estate: The Worrying Numbers Behind Underwater Homeowners
Mais de um terço das empresas declaram prejuízos
Bruxelas quer avançar com imposto europeu +
Itália e Espanha crescem mas OCDE diz que expansão acaba até final do ano +
Three Years on, Is the Financial Crisis Over?
How Press Censorship Hid the Shocking Truth About Nagasaki A-Bomb 65 Years Ago +
Banks set up business lending taskforce
Fed Is Set to Downgrade Outlook for US
Crash of 2015 Won’t Wait for Regulators to Rein in Wall Street
Structured Notes Are Wall Street’s `Next Bubble,’ Whalen Says +
Crisis shuts down Athens stores: traders +
France Backs German Proposal for Allowing EU Insolvencies
Freddie Mac says needs $1.8 billion from taxpayers
A Democratic Panic Attack?
Verizon and Google propose Web traffic rules +


Gulf spill investigators eye undersea evidence +
BP Says Tests Show Well Is Plugged
WHO may soon announce end of H1N1 flu pandemic
Researchers find ‘strong evidence’ of genetic link to contracting meningitis
Genome study identifies genetic variant linked to TB susceptibility in Africans
Rússia é acusada de ocultar efeitos da onda de calor e incêndios
Wild electrical storm hits Stockholm
Judge stops seismic research +
Alzheimer’s Disease: Some Cells More Prone to Death
Ler mente de terroristas para evitar ataques
Rússia: Incêndios atingem centro de fabrico de mísseis +
Study: U.S. Girls Entering Puberty Earlier
7 Toxic Seafood Chemicals That You Don’t Know About (PHOTOS)
Future on display: the flavour-changing cookie
Low-fibre western diets deter ‘good bacteria’
Stephen Hawking: Abandon the Earth
Russia declares state of emergency at Urals nuclear town +
Moscow Confirms Spike in Death Toll


In Crackdown on Energy Use, China to Shut 2,000 Factories +
South Korea: North Korea seized fishing boat
China Risks `Sacrificing’ Growth as Energy Curbs Hit Industry
Bashir threatens to expel UN
‘Secret hand’ in French Sahel raid
Caught in America’s legal black hole
Pentagon works to safeguard secrets
Iran launches four home-made submarines
Israel accuses US of bias over State Department caution
Netanyahu defende ataque à frota humanitária
North Korea Fires Artillery Near Disputed Waters +
Fidel, the USA and Nuclear War
British oil company confirms drilling campaigns in Malvinas will continue
Irã eleva eficácia de seu enriquecimento de urânio, diz AIEA
Indígenas no Brasil temem o progresso a qualquer custo
U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing +
North Korea/UN Command meeting to take place on Tuesday

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