Outras Notícias do Dia – 06/08/2010


BES passa sem ‘stress’ e é o pior classificado em Portugal
Net neutrality talks halted by U.S. regulators
Google-Verizon Deal: The End of The Internet as We Know It
Ex-Goldman Sachs Employee Compares Working At Bank To Being A ‘Fluffer’ On A ‘Porn Set’
Who Bankrolls Congress? +
Prémio Nobel Stiglitz defende mais estímulos para sair de uma “recuperação anémica”
Soc. Security in Red for 1st Time, Report Shows +
The Net Neutrality Spat Explained
Royal Bank of Scotland volta a apresentar lucros dois anos depois
Economia espanhola cresce 0,2 por cento
Sobreendividados vão aumentar em 2011 com subida dos juros
Allianz aumenta lucro semestral apesar da quebra no 2ºT10
America Is at Risk of Boiling Over
Nobel Peace Prize Loses Nobility
22 Statistics About America’s Coming Pension Crisis That Will Make You Lose Sleep At Night +
Santander Totta é o menos ‘stressado’ em Portugal
Drilling Industry and Gubernatorial Candidates Move to Weaken Some State Regulations +
AIG profits up 17 per cent, wants independence from bailout


Russian wheat export ban threatens higher inflation and food riots
The oil has gone? Tell that to Gulf coast residents
Scientists cast doubt on claims BP spill’s no threat to Gulf
With blazing summers, wildfires in one hemisphere and a deep freeze in the other, is, 2010 the year of extreme weather?
Carros movidos a bactérias. É possível?
Volcano erupts in eastern Indonesia
Tons of Toxic Chemicals Flow from China to Russia
Russian Air Force Capable of Making Artificial Rain +
Russia Considers Adopting Europe’s Experience of Chemical Castration for Pedophiles +
Earth’s Inner Core Might Be on the Move
Chemical dispersants used in gulf oil spill don’t hurt seafood safety, FDA says
New Findings on the H1N1 Virus
1 million pounds of ground beef recalled


Alberta defends oilsands in ads
Arctic oil and gas joint venture formed +
Bolivia begins military training for civilians, opposition warns of pro-government militias +
Dong Feng 21D, Chinese Missile, Could Shift Pacific Power Balance
Pentagon bars staff from visiting WikiLeaks +
New York Senate Passes Temporary Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing +
Pentagon may change rules for covering Guantanamo trials
Iran’s Ahmadinejad Wants Star Combat with Obama
Osama Bin Laden’s Teen Daughter Allowed to Leave Iran


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