Outras Notícias do Dia – 30/07/2010


Desemprego na Espanha aumenta pelo 12o trimestre consecutivo
Moody”s diz que Espanha pode ver o seu “rating” cortado
Maiores bancos privados lucram quase 800 milhões no semestre +
FMI sugere aos EUA novas medidas de apoio ao crescimento +
Inflação na Zona Euro aumenta 1,7% em Julho, segundo Eurostat
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2010 Article IV Consultation with the United States
China destronou Japão como segunda economia do mundo
Lucro do Banco BiG sobe 74% no semestre
Lucro do Santander Totta recua 11% no semestre para 247 milhões
Hungary Says S&P, Moody’s `Behind the Curve’ as Government Debt Rebounds +
Europe Crisis Is Not Over, May Lead to Fiscal Union, UBS Says
BIS gold swaps mystery is unravelled +
Why Deflation Fears Are Overblown
S&P melhora “rating” da Ucrânia depois de FMI aprovar empréstimo ao país
Marc Faber Questions if Dow Could Hit 1,000 +
Within the Fed, Worries of Deflation
House prices off the boil as interest rate rises take effect
Coffee Closes at 12-Year High on Fund Demand, Dollar’s Slump; Cocoa Gains
Recession in U.S. Was Even Worse Than Estimated, Revisions Show +


Preço do arroz deve disparar na bolsa +
Speculators Rediscover Agricultural Commodities +
‘We Have Learned Nothing from the Genome’ +
Gulf of Mexico Has Long Been Dumping Site
US food waste worth more than offshore drilling
BP’s incoming boss says clean-up operation may be scaled down
Shell could pursue BP for Gulf damages
Signs of Reversal of Arctic Cooling: Rapid Temperature Rise in the Coldest Region of Mainland Europe
Black Carbon Implicated in Global Warming
BP’s `Kill’ Start May Be Delayed Due to Storm Debris


Energéticas alemãs exigem abolição dos limites de funcionamento das centrais nucleares
Talibãs acusam o general Petraeus de matar civis +
Iraq WMD evidence was ‘tittle tattle’, says John Prescott
British troops launch biggest offensive of summer in Afghanistan
Europe Lagging U.S. and China in Developing Biofuels, Novozymes CEO Says
Decades on, hibakusha explains the horrors of Nagasaki
Afghan Leaks: Is the U.S. Keeping Too Many Secrets?
Spanish judge issues arrest warrants for 3 U.S. soldiers +
US ‘carefully watching’ Myanmar-NKorea talks
UN experts fault Israel on human rights
Pentagon: Leak investigation may go beyond military
Hey Wikileaks, We Were There +
Sarkozy wants to take away French citizenship of immigrants who attack police
Greece turns to military to restore fuel supplies, as strike hits tourism +
China says it opposes EU sanctions against Iran over nuclear issue


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