Outras Notícias do Dia – 27/07/2010


Hungria exige meta igual para todos atingirem défice de 3%
Second Housing Crisis? Another $1T in Mortgages Backed by Taxpayers
Roubini: EU Stress Tests Criteria Not Realistic
Jim Rogers: Stress Test Is a PR Exercise
EU gives go-ahead for Iceland entry talks
Spain shines on stress test, Germany flunks
Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
Mais 15 bancos falhavam se o teste assumisse default da dívida
Lucro do Deutche Bank sobe 6,4 por cento para 1,16 mil milhões
BP apresenta prejuízo recorde de 13 mil milhões e substitui CEO
“O mercado vai pressionar os bancos a capitalizarem-se”
Testes à banca “não dão toda a transparência de prejuízos”, diz director da Schroders
Leis bloqueiam controlo de ricos
UBS recupera de prejuízos com lucro de 1,5 mil milhões no 2.º trimestre
Eurostat ganha poderes para inspeccionar contas dos membros da UE
Deutsche Bank sees profits rise
Executives see double-dip recession as biggest risk
BC chinês vê desaceleração econômica, mas sem nova recessão
Are unstressed European banks worth the money?
Audit: U.S. Can’t Account for 95% of Iraqi Funds
How Italy’s Permanent Crisis Saved It from the Downturn
Medidas de austeridade vão agravar-se nos próximos anos, considera director da Schroders
Alargamento de horários dos hipermercados “cheira a circulação” de favores
The Chinese Banking System Is Seriously At Risk
Analysis: Wall Street loathing for Warren lifts regulator bid


2010 tem temperaturas mais altas dos últimos 130 anos
The tragedy in North Korea
Climate change linked to possible mass Mexican migration to U.S.
What to do with the CO2
EPA to Study Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water; Seeks Public Input
Why Do IQ Scores Vary By Nation?
Spray vaccine to combat meningitis
Cancer clue found in animal diseases
Car fumes raise spectre of 1980s revival nobody wants…acid rain
Romanians split over environmental impact of Danube delta’s wild horses


US Cash for Israeli Settlements
Wikileaks Afghanistan: leak inquiry centres on US intelligence analyst
US lawmaker: Time for Korea peace treaty
US flaunts its power with drills by air and sea off Korean peninsula as North stays clear
Venezuela says great probability of military aggression by Colombia, urges dialogue
Leaks Add to Pressure on White House Over Strategy
Wikileaks Afghanistan log: Wikileaks’ 10 greatest scoops
Exclusive: After Revealing Afghan War Secrets, Wikileaks Prepares Document Dumps on Iraq and Diplomacy
Gibbs: WikiLeaks not comparable to ‘Pentagon Papers’
The War Logs: Reaction to Disclosure of Military Documents on Afghan War
Patrick Cockburn: The battle to justify this as a war worth fighting just got a lot harder
Wikileaks Afghanistan: secret documents show evidence of Osama bin Laden
World powers react to WikiLeaks’ documents
Israeli air force targets sites in northern and southern Gaza
Israel to limit use of white phosphorus in conflicts
French army disputes veracity of Wikileaks report
Chavez reinforces Colombia border
Serbia says it will never recognize Kosovo
Bedouins evicted from village in southern Israel
Iran: New EU sanctions ‘unconstructive’
U.S.-S. Korea conduct live-ammo drills
Libya and South Korea at odds
Russia says sea mine sunk Cheonan: report
David Cameron: Israeli blockade has turned Gaza Strip into a ‘prison camp’
Afghanistan questions U.S. silence over Pakistan’s role
Ahmadinejad prevê ataque dos EUA a dois países do Oriente Médio
Rússia diz que sanções da UE contra Irã são “inaceitáveis”


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