Outras Notícias do Dia – 25/07/2010


US Officials Won’t Pursue Another Swiss Bank Like UBS -Report
Chilcot inquiry: Iraq expert Carne Ross claims civil servants are withholding vital documents
Silvio Berlusconi in row after his daughter Barbara Berlusconi’s graduation
Dispute over benefits for Jewish settlers
Here Comes Deflation
Rei de Espanha pede ajuda divina para país vencer a crise
New Liability Has Ratings Agencies Cautious
S. Korea, IMF work on emergency loan program
As federal panel probes oil spill, picture emerges of a series of iffy decisions
Stocks on brink of breakout
Sweet Europe, sour America?
Após teste, foco na UE vai a bancos que passaram com dificuldade
Rússia planeja venda de US$29 bi em ativos estatais
Oil spill: BP plans for life after Deepwater
Special report: the Libya investment firm and the release of the Lockerbie bomber
Alex Salmond calls for release of Lockerbie files
A Clouded Outlook
EU Bank Stress Tests Fail to Reassure Investors Wary of Capital Criteria
Gazprom may sue anti-monopoly group
EU bank stress tests face their own test in markets


Federal records show steady stream of oil spills in gulf since 1964
Suplementos alimentares não passam pelo Ministério da Saúde
NASA’s Deep Space Camera Locates Host of ‘Earths’
GLOBAL CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS FALL IN 2009 – Past Decade Still Sees Rapid Emissions Growth
How India’s Success Is Killing Its Holy River
Amazon dolphins being killed off
Researchers reanalyzing lifespan study after defect found in lab equipment
EPA feels tug-of-war between angry Pa. residents, gas companies over its new drilling study


Iran says nuclear talks after Ramadan
Chávez accuses US, Colombia of ‘seeking a pretext for invasion’
Iran may drop dollar, euro in oil payments
Germany to fight EU hard coal decision
U.S. Navy finishes weapon testing
Israel impede visita a Gaza de deputados espanhóis
Ugandan president calls on Africa to unite to fight terror, weeks after twin bombings kill 76
The energy bridge to China
‘Tridente’ em Lisboa só nos primeiros dias de Agosto
Escândalo de pornografia infantil no Pentágono
Iran will react if ships inspected: Ahmadinejad
Top U.S. officer warns Afghan war will get worse
Anti-sub warfare part of S. Korea exercise
Iran signs gas pipeline deal with Turkey
Iran’s President Ahmadinejad warns EU against sanctions
Cuba indicates it will free all its political prisoners
Environment minister says critics overreacting to Arctic seabed survey
Chavez warns of US oil cutoff in Colombia dispute


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