Outras Notícias do Dia – 23/07/2010


No To Oligarchy
Stress tests contemplam perda de 14% com dívida pública portuguesa, diz a Bloomberg
Exercício de stress test na União Europeia: Principais resultados para os bancos portugueses
Por que é que os bancos portugueses têm bons resultados nos testes de stress
Exercício europeu de stress test
S&P avisa que”rating” da Hungria pode passar para “lixo”
Testes põem Portugal com pior crescimento da Europa a seguir à Grécia
FMI diz que Portugal tem de aplicar reformas à legislação laboral
Lucro do BPI sobe 11,8% no 1.º semestre
Saintly Or Satanic, Wall Street Keeps Growing
BP, Big Oil Slightly Increase Lobbying Spending In Wake Of Spill
Official Denies BP Put Cost Ahead of Safety at Oil Rig
Switzerland: The Little Economy That Could
Judge Tied to Oil Companies Will Stay on Liability Cases
Johann Hari: Oil, blood money, and Blair’s last scandal
German Giants Flee Wall Street
CGD rejeita responsabilidades sobre contas fictícias
BP denies ‘buying silence’ of oil spill scientists
Today’s Big Feinberg Announcement: 17 Banks Made “Ill-Advised” Payments To Execs
Gold Rises, Climbs Above $1,200 in New York on Outlook for More Purchases
ONU «preocupada» com qualidade democracia na América Latina
Governador do Banco central detido por corrupção
IMF approves new US$60 million loan for Haiti
Germany and France join forces to punish EU budget deficit offenders
Fisco cobra juros acima do prometido no Orçamento
BCP deverá terminar trimestre com lucros de 73 milhões de euros
Spain’s Housing Market Slide Adds to Europe’s Economic Troubles
Examining the Underground Greek Economy Amid Escalating Debt
U.N. Ignores Its Own Freeze on Deals With Alleged Somali Food Distribution ‘Cartel’
Pay Czar Criticizes 17 Bailed-Out Banks For Huge Pay Packages — But Won’t Go After Money Already Paid
White House Predicts Record $1.47 Trillion Deficit


Exporting Pollution
Greenpeace finds evidence of GM rice contamination in China’s emergency grain stores
Cereais: Portugal cada vez mais dependente do exterior para comer
Apple counts the cost of suicides at iPhone factory
DNA tests give bogus results, U.S. probe finds
Onda de frio polar já matou 200 pessoas na América do Sul
US Senate drops bill to cap carbon emissions
BP’s Partners in Well Try to Distance Themselves
Warmer Climate Could Increase Release of Carbon Dioxide by Inland Lakes
Trafigura found guilty of exporting toxic waste
Rig Worker: Fire Alarm System on Gulf Rig Disabled Before Oil Spill
Hands-off approach to oiled marshes — strategic or chaotic?


Serbia rejects Kosovo court ruling
Russia aims to topple the ‘last dictator in Europe’
Clinton urges Asia to enforce sanctions on N. Korea
The World’s Ever-Increasing Hunger for Coal
Oil Futures Exodus Biggest Since Lehman on Recovery Unease: Energy Markets
Pentagon Faces Growing Pressures to Trim Budget
U.S.-Russia nuke treaty facing hurdles in U.S. Senate
U.S. to resume ties with Indonesia’s special forces


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