Outras Notícias do Dia – 19/07/2010


New law will force disclosure of secret payments
Settlement Is Win for Goldman Despite Record Fine
JP Morgan UK future at risk
Crise na Europa põe em xeque retoma da economia global
Austerity hurts consumers in Europe but Asians upbeat
Here’s What REALLY Happened After The Iceland Stimulus Package
The Megrahi Affair: Blair, BP & the Libyan link
‘Water poverty’ loans to utilities set to hit €4bn
Analysts fear stress tests on EU banks are not rigorous enough
Are house prices set to fall again?
FMI considera que houve progressos consideráveis nas finanças públicas
IMF seeks $250bn boost to resources
Europe aims for catastrophe-free tests
Governo admite acabar com subsídios às renováveis
Governos resolveram a primeira crise mas arriscam estar a criar uma segunda
Climate Bill Would Reduce U.S. GDP by $452 Billion, Energy Department Says


Greenpeace fires salvo over paper producer
Oil Spill Lawsuits: BP Spending Big To Acquire An Army Of Expert Witnesses
UE/Transgénicos: Petição insiste em dados na rotulagem
There’s a hole in this possible earthquake pattern
Scientists baffled by unusual upper atmosphere shrinkage
Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching
Telescópio descobriu 25 mil asteróides


Russian energy industry facing fresh tax blow
Jaffa’s Arab haven of coexistence resists influx of Israeli hardliners
US Says Israel Rocket Shield Will Work
Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan Renew Debate Over Rules of Engagement
Iran scientist: CIA offered me $50m to lie about nuclear secrets
Patrick Cockburn: Unlike Iraq, dressing retreat up as success will be difficult
U.S. to send stern message to North Korea


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