Outras Notícias – 17/07/2010


Ex-ministros alertam para nova subida de impostos
Governo considera “chocante” e “falsa” a ideia de que iria cortar nas refeições das crianças
Rights Activists Doubt Moscow’s Explanation
BP’s Crisis Could Soon Become Great Britain’s
Spanish, Portuguese Bonds Gain as Sales Spark Search for Higher-Yield Debt
Banks eye higher fees to boost declining revenue
Regulators shut 6 more banks, making 96 failures for the year
US banks paying more than half of Britain’s £2.5bn bonus tax windfall
House prices ‘to crash 20pc by 2012’ as Budget bites, says Capital Economics
RBS considers suing Goldman Sachs over lost $841m
Banks Skeptical Despite Signs of Economic Recovery
Consumer prices fall for third straight month
Gold drops 1.5 percent on fund selling
AIG Settles Lawsuit Over Stock Decline for $725 Million, May Sell Shares
CMVM arquivou processo contra Filipe Abecassis e Rui Lopes
Shrimpers to shuckers feel tinge of hope as oil stops gushing


Feds: Test results from well not as good as hoped
Trial of Gulf oil well cap extended for 24 hours
Scientists: Climate change launches new geologic epoch
Chinese oil pipeline explodes
Even after leak, Gulf’s pain may last years
Mangroves disappearing faster than land-based forests


Fidel aparece outra vez e alerta sobre guerra
BP vende crude recuperado e investe na reabilitação de espécies
Uranium revival sparks New Mexico land battle
Venezuela recalls ambassador to Colombia amid dispute
Iran Guards warn U.S. of “fallout” over bomb attack
Israel set to force all citizens to swear oath to Jewish state
BP Gulf oil leak puts pressure on UK to ban North Sea drilling
The Trouble with Deepwater Oil Exploration
Clinton on key Afghan mission as US war fears grow
China’s Wen soothes on rare earths and investment worries


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